#BuildNewcrest: Day 30

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 30 (Household Income: §25,274)

My wife became an adult yesterday. I completed my aspiration of becoming a Freelance Botanist yesterday as well. Today the community park gets built. I’m excited.

Monday morning and it’s 7:00am. We all get up as today is the day we move. Both me and Clare are suppose to work today, but because of the moving and construction of the community park, we call our workplaces and take a vacation day each. She has 4 saved up and I have 7.

I put everything into storage from our woodshed type home to where my collections were from my job. Yes, I didn’t tell you before. During promotions, my job gave me gifts. I didn’t have any room for them, so put them into storage. You’ll be able to view them when we move into our new home soon. It looked so empty now. That’s because it was.

I sent my wife and kids to the new lot where we will be living. I also shipped our cowplant over there as well. The 10 perfect flowers and plants I have grown will remain as part of the park. I get rid of the shed and the fire pit.


Side Note: If you’d like to download this community park, head on over to my Gallery page, LegacySims2017, and it’s called “Newcrest Community Park”. Let me know if you add it to your game.

By the time the community park is finished, so is our new home. I asked for something simple to house a married couple with three toddlers. They used what was in my inventory collection and added new stuff. What they didn’t use from my inventory, they sold.

I wanted it simple because the triplets are going to become children tomorrow. On All Hallows Eve of all days.

Side Note: This home will not be available for download as it is Maxis made rooms with a little remodeling done. Nothing special to really call mine.

We then spend most of the day in the community park enjoying the view.

Myself and Clare put the triplets to bed around 10:00pm. They each have their own room now.

I go online and tell all my followers to visit the new Newcrest Community Park. I even share photos so they know what to expect.

Then I cozy up in my new bed with my wife. It’s going to be another big day tomorrow.

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