#BuildNewcrest: Day 29

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 29 (Household Income: §22,927)

Last night, I encountered my cowplant to be a full grown cow head with gnarly looking teeth. It didn’t look dangerous and had that friendly look to it when I did some gardening. Looks can be deceiving, though. I have to decide if I want to keep it or not. And if not, how to get rid of it.

I wake up around 4:00am to some noises. It sounds like mooing and whining. It actually wakes us all up. Even the triplets. As the triplets are beginning to talk now, they ask what the noise was. I think Clare already knew. I tell them it’s nothing to worry about.

Of course I also tell everyone else to stay inside and I go out. The cowplant was the one making noises. It looks hungry.

Side Note: The cowplant in the game does not make any noises if you haven’t grown one or played with one. I just needed some type of excuse to write a storyline to feed it so it doesn’t start to die on me so soon.

I find something to feed it.

Then we tuck the triplets back into bed for another few more hours of sleep.

Since myself and Clare didn’t work today and it was a Sunday, we all slept in a little later. We all got up around 9am for breakfast. And remember when I told you Juju would dump her food at least one more time? Well, I told you so. I guess she’s not hungry for breakfast this morning. Hopefully lunch will be different.

This is when the kids noticed the cowplant, which I mentioned was our pet for now.

After breakfast, Hope wanted to check out the cowplant. I let her look at it, but that’s it. I proceed to tell all 3 that they cannot pet it or get too close.

As the toddlers play with their toys inside, I get a chance to tend my garden. I feel good enough now to call myself a Freelance Botanist. I plan on only keeping 10 of the perfect plants and selling the rest. I’ll sell them tonight.

This means tomorrow will be our big day of moving and having construction come and build my community park. I can’t believe it’s come to this stage.

My clarebear starts another painting. I’ve been keeping storage of all the ones she’s done so far. I think they would look great for our new home.

We have lunch around 1:30pm. I give Juju that look as I set her plate down.

After lunch, I change and go out for a jog.

But I also go out and get a cake for Clare. You see, today she turns into an adult and will no longer be a young adult. Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. If you’re going to buy a cake, put a shirt on at least.

When I arrive home, I change and surprise her with the cake. I set up a table outside as there was no other room for it.

And we celebrate her growing older. I think I startled her with the confetti blower. She was definitely surprised.

That evening I went ahead and sold all my flowers and other plants except for 10 of them. These 10 I will keep in my community park.

The triplets have already been put to bed by this time. We’re getting up bright and early tomorrow to move to a new lot and have this one built into the community park I wanted to have.

I go online and share the news with my followers.

Now I sleep! Good night my friends!

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