#BuildNewcrest: Day 27

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 27 (Household Income: §19,629)

Yesterday was a typical day in the Simself household. I finally planted that cow colored plant seed.

The family wakes up around 7am.

I haven’t exercised in awhile, so Clare allows me to get a jog in while she does the toddler caring thing of dressing, feeding and pottying with the children.

After I change, I go see what they’re all looking at outside. It seems my wife has done another painting.

Since Clare has to work today also, I call in to mine and state I will be working from home again.

Once Clarebear leaves for work, I send the kids to the toy boxes to play.

And I get a couple hours of work in.

Then around noon, it’s lunch time.

After, we play outside. I invite July and Megs over. Cathy is working her doctoring skills at the hospital. I forgot Megs was working as an author, but I caught her on a good day. A day she had off.

I played with Junior while Juju entertained July and Hope talked to Megs.

July and Megs helped with toddler caring until  Clare returned home from work. I thanked the two with friendly hugs for coming over to help.

At this point it was about dinner time. And there goes Juju again, tossing her food all over the place. I guess she’s not hungry tonight.

Clarebear took time with the triplets while I did some gardening. My new plant has seemed to grow a cow head. I in turn call it a cowplant. What a weird type of plant.

By the time I finish, it’s time for the triplets to go to bed, so myself and Clare tuck them in.

She starts on a new painting and I finish up my work that I started earlier.

Then we both decide to call it a night. You all have a good night too and see you in the morning.


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2 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 27”

  • That Juju– does she have the wild child trait? lol Too funny with throwing the food. Yes, invite friends over to help with the toddlers. Good idea. And….what’s that sprouting from the lawn? Oh a cowplant!

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