#BuildNewcrest: Day 26

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 26 (Household Income: §17,264)

Last night I became an adult after 25 days of being a young adult. I celebrated it with my wife and kids.

We all wake up around 7:00am. Today’s schedule will be exactly like yesterday except I actually don’t have to work today. And I won’t be turning older. That’s not for another 23ish days.

After Clare leaves for work, it was like I said, the same routine almost. We played.

We ate lunch. I watch Juju hoping she doesn’t toss her food aside like she has been doing lately. I’ve been trying to teach her manners lately. Hope and Junior are doing well with table manners. Well, tray manners.And today she eats. Mostly plays with it, but it doesn’t end up on the grass. Way to go Juju. I praise her for it afterwards.

Then we all went potty….even daddy! Hopefully the triplets don’t remember this.

But this time, I let them help me garden. Well, I let them play in the garden while I tended it.

Remember about 19 days ago when me and Clarebear went fishing and I caught that box? I think it’s time I plant what was inside of it and see what type of flower or plant comes from it. It’s got spots like a cow on it. Perhaps I’ll be growing a cow.

After Clare gets home from work, we have dinner. We watch the kids eat first. Juju behaves once again and doesn’t throw her food everywhere. I think she’s learned her lesson now.

Then it’s playtime again.

As Clare does the potty training bit, for which they pretty much can go on their own now, I get online to do some social media profile updating.

Then it’s bedtime for us all!

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