#BuildNewcrest: Day 25

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 25 (Household Income: §15,927)

I had a fun day with my kids yesterday. Was even happy that Cathy and Megs were able to enjoy the presence of each other.

It’s 8am. Everyone is up. I’m working from home again. Unfortunately, Clare cannot work from home with her job.

The morning routine was the same as yesterday. But this time before Clare leaves for work, I buy some toddler fun stuff. I buy a toy box for each of them.

It doesn’t take long for them to find them and dig in.

The toys occupied them while I went online to do some work. This takes me until about 1:00pm.

Now it’s lunchtime. And of course, Juju tosses her food on the ground. I’m giving her one more chance. If she does it again, she’ll have to starve until mom gets home. Second time she does eat.

Then potty train.

I play with the triplets for a little bit.

I send them back to their toy boxes to find other things to play with as I do some gardening.

When Clare gets home, we head to the grill and playground for dinner.

Then I see a cake. Yes, tonight is the night I turn from a young adult to an adult. These last 25 days went by so fast. Clever wife for finding one.

Side Note: I had to do some cheating to get the cake. I bought the cheapest stove, counter, and fridge. Once the cake was made, I put it in Clare’s inventory and deleted the rest. However, I did not change the income to what it was before I did all that. So it really wasn’t a cheat afterall.

I think I am going to sleep well this evening. Good night!

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