#BuildNewcrest: Day 24

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 24 (Household Income: §14,658)

Yesterday, the triplets of babies turned into triplets of toddlers. They’ll be toddlers for 7 days and yesterday was their first.

I have today off from work. Clare works 10am to 7pm, so I get to play daddy for the day. Thankfully, she is able to help feed them breakfast before she heads out.

After Clare leaves for work, I give the toddlers a bath.

Then I start their potty training.

Then we play on the lot for a little bit until it’s lunchtime.

Then the 4 of us have lunch.

A little after 3pm, I invite Dr. Cathy over to see the triplets she helped deliver. I was curious to see if the kids would react to her.

About an hour into me and Cathy talking, Junior wanted some of the attention. He walked up to her for a hug. The other 2 didn’t vow for her attention like Junior did. They were too busy playing with each other or making a mess on the grass.

Side Note: Joseph Jr. went up to Clare autonomously. He has the Charmer trait and the game decided he needed to use it.

I see Megs walking by. She’s not out jogging this time. I invite her over. I really want to see Cathy and Megs become friends or at least stay and hang out when I invite them over instead of one of them leaving.

I think the triplets did great. All 3 came over and were being funny. Cathy and Megs were even laughing. They didn’t talk to each other, but both did converse with the children and neither of the two walked away to do something else when the other was around. Way to go kids. We’re going to turn these two into friends, I just know it.

Clare arrived home a little after 7pm. Cathy and Megs hung around a little longer until it was getting more dark.

I change back into my jammies and the 5 of us have dinner.

Then I work on my garden while Clare tends to the kids with more of their potty training and teaching manners.

I notice the flag is up on the mailbox. More bills I suppose. I go check it out. I didn’t even see the mail carrier come. And to no surprise it is bills, so I pay them.

Me and Clare share the duties of putting the triplets to bed.

After, I get online to do some social media stuff.

Finally I am going to sleep. Have a good night and see you in the morning.

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