#BuildNewcrest: Day 23

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 23 (Household Income: §12,945)

Today is the day. Our little baby triplets turn into little toddler triplets!

As the last couple nights, we shared getting up to take care of the babies. Clare is a great mother.

But now it’s 9am. I call into work saying I am going to work from home. Clare takes a day off of work. She doesn’t want to miss her little babies growing up.

The triplets started their growth spurt around noon. First, it was Hope. Clare gave her that name. She wants Hope to be her little angel.

Then Jubilee became a toddler. We picked this name together. She’s the second child of triplets, but still someone special. We nickname her Juju for short.

Last, but not least, is Joseph Jr who turns from a cute baby into an adorable toddler. Obviously, I got to name this little guy. And I nickname him Junior.

I sell the bassinets and buy some toddler beds. But first I expand the walls once again to make room.

I also add some potty training toilets for the three.

Finally, some high chairs for them to eat on.

I had work to do, so Clare took the children out to play. We didn’t buy any toys yet, but there were a couple play areas for kids.

My boss wanted me to do a little advertising, so that’s what I did for a few hours. But it turns out some of my followers didn’t like the advertising scheme and dropped off my followers list. I’ll have to let my boss know it was unsuccessful.

We all had dinner around the campfire. I decided to move the fire pit further away from the high chairs as I’ve been known to be a fire starter on myself and didn’t want to do that with my children. I would never forgive myself if anything happened.

Juju seems to be in a bad mood and has dumped her food twice now, so no more for her tonight. And I give her a talking to.

I didn’t realize how much work taking care of 3 toddlers was going to be. Everyone is going to bed early.

But before I join Clare, I do a little bit of gardening. My garden is almost perfect. Just a little more to go.

Good night and see you in the morning.

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