1.2: Home Sweet Home

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

The morning Andrew moved to Oasis Springs, he helped the construction crew set up the house foundation. He wanted to be part of the building process. He didn’t know much about construction, but he wanted to share his ideas of what his bachelor pad would look like.

Because he had no friends to stay with in Oasis Springs, he would spend the next week sleeping in the Desert Bloom park…

Taking showers at the Burners & Builders gym (where he would also keep all his belongings in a locker)…

And eating at the Rattlesnake Juice bar.

He became good acquaintances with the bartender, Eric Lewis. Andrew noticed Eric would constantly be having drinks and eating leftover food from others. Not a trait he hoped to pick up.

Being a big workout nut, Andrew hung out a lot at the gym while the construction crew worked on his new place. Considering himself outgoing, he introduced himself to a few others who were hanging out in the boxing room.

Andrew: Hi folks.

Bella Goth, Nancy Landgraab, and J. Huntington stop talking to see who approached them.

Bella: Hello there. Is there anything we can help you with?
Andrew: I just moved to Oasis Springs, so I’m getting the feel of the place.
Bella: I guess a welcome to Oasis Springs is in order. I’m actually from Willow Creek. Nancy is from here, though.

Bella gives a small gesture to the blonde woman. Nancy just stares at Andrew without speaking. Bella continues after the awkward moment of silence.

Bella: My name is Bella. You just met Nancy. And this is J. Huntington.
J (cutting in): The third. You look like you work out a lot.
Andrew: I do. It’s my aspiration to stay fit.
J: I hear you. I like being active. Maybe you can give me some tips sometime.
Andrew: I’d be happy to.

Nancy continues to stare at Andrew and finally speaks.

Nancy: And you are?
Andrew: Oh, sorry. My name is Andrew. Nice to meet you all.

Andrew and J swap numbers, promising to meet up again at the gym sometime. The two women head off in another direction.

At the end of the week, construction was finished. All that was left to do was decorating and painting.

Andrew had ordered furniture and appliances to be delivered to his home. He called up J. Huntington III to see if he would be willing to help him move in.

Andrew: Hey J, it’s Andrew.
J: Hey bro. What’s up?
Andrew: My furniture and appliances just arrived. You free to help unload?
J: Sorry man. I’m at work right now. Maybe tonight?
Andrew: Well, the truck is here now. It’s not a problem. I can do this on my own. Was hoping for some company. Thanks anyway.
J: We still on for those active tips?
Andrew: Sure. We’ll hook up sometime.
J: Awesome. Chat with you later, bro. Enjoy your new home sweet home.
Andrew: Bye.

As Andrew was about to unload the truck, he noticed a gentleman walking by who was also watching. Andrew approached the man.

Andrew: Good afternoon, sir.
Marc: Hello.
Andrew: I’m just moving in. I really could use the help if you’re available. My name is Andrew.
Marc: Marc. Marc Young. I have some time.

As they approached the house, Marc removed his shirt and set it aside. He noticed the expression Andrew was giving him.

Marc: Can’t be getting all sweaty in my dress shirt.

Andrew nods.

The two begin to unload the truck’s appliances. They set up the kitchen first.

And then the bathroom.

Marc then helped Andrew with his new bed and dresser.

And lastly the furniture and television for the living room. They sat down for a bit and got to know each other. Andrew finds out that Marc doesn’t work but looks forward to his parents always buying him stuff. He’s also trying to find love. Andrew doesn’t say it, but thinks that maybe getting a job and not worrying about having so much stuff would help Marc.

The moving and small talk only took a few hours out of the afternoon. If Andrew did this by himself, he probably would only be done with the kitchen or bathroom at most. He couldn’t thank Marc enough. They head back outside and Marc puts his dress shirt and tie back on.

Andrew: Here’s a couple hundred simoleons, Marc. I appreciate you helping me out.
Marc: It was no problem. I had fun.
Andrew: I’ll let you get back to whatever you were going to do before you helped me. Thank you again. I hope to see you around again.
Marc: Me too. Thanks for the simoleons.

The two shake hands. Andrew waves goodbye and they part ways.


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9 thoughts on “1.2: Home Sweet Home”

  • For my readers: This was the first chapter where I had an unexpected turn. I “assumed” that when I had Andrew call J to hangout at his lot, J would come over. I already had much of it written out. But J said he was busy. I was befuddled. Then it dawned on me. I checked the relationship and saw that J had a job. So, I had to switch it up. I looked over the neighborhood and saw many females walking about and then spotted Marc Young. So I made him join the story. I hope the female readers enjoy the eye candy. There will be more. There will be eye candy for the male readers in future chapters.

    • I scrolled my screen out to see who I could bring into the story to help Andrew since J was working *LOL*. Marc was just standing there watching, so I guessed he would take part in the story. I added about 5 sims from the Gallery for Generation 1. Two made it into the story, Marc being one of them.

      Spoiler Alert: When Andrew got to know him, Marc was unemployed. I wanted to bring him back for Generation 2, so I went to check up on him. Now he’s got a lot of money and works as “The Boss” for Mobwives. I still want to do something with him, so… I won’t spoil anymore. Just want you to know his standings now.

  • Thank goodness Andrew found someone to help him move! Moving is hard work. And was J really at work, or just heard the word “move” and opted out? lol These sims!

    • LOL … according to the game, he was at work. The game could like too, though. I didn’t look to see what time J worked. He had no problem telling Andrew that. So maybe even if he was working, he was glad cause he didn’t have any other excuse to get out of it.

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