#BuildNewcrest: Day 21

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 21 (Household Income: §14,049)

Even though myself and Clare took family leave, we got paid for it. But family leave is only for 1 day. Clare has the weekend off. We decided that I would go ahead and go to work this weekend. Then on Monday I would work from home when she is at work. Our three children should become toddlers by then.

I wake up around 8am and there I see my Clarebear, tending away at taking care of our babies. She must have gotten some sleep as she’s in her sleepwear.

I take a bath.

Have breakfast.

Say good morning to my little ones.

Then get ready for work. I only work a 5 hour shift. When I get home, I’ll let Clare sleep some more. And I’ll see the rest of you when I get home as well.

The day went by fast. So, while I was doing some cat video creating, a heated discussion came up on my newsfeed. They wanted to know what color was better, green or red? When I chimed in, I got a lot of praises. C’mon now, green is a great color.

Before I left, my boss told me he added on another vacation day to the ones I’ve already saved up.

I tell Clare to take a nap and I’ll keep an eye on the triplets. She says she is fine. I tell her to take a nap anyways.

I knew Clare needed a nap. She slept for a good 4.5 hours. I took care of the children why she was sleeping. I wish they could remain babies. Babies look so cute.

At 8pm, we roasted some weenies for dinner. I talked about my day at work. Clare talked about her day taking care of our babies. She wants a toilet installed. She had to leave the babies for a short period just to take a pee and she wasn’t comfortable with that. Understandable. Tomorrow I will do some more renovations as I have the day off. And so does she.

Throughout the night we took turns sleeping while the other one baby cared.


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