#BuildNewcrest: Day 20

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 20 (Household Income: §12,330)

So, I got married last night. I’m on cloud 9. The baby is due either today or tomorrow. That is how quickly they arrive.

Clare wakes up around 6:30am hungry and having to use the bathroom. The life of a pregnant woman. I decide to get up as well. I check out the baby in the oven. He or she should be ready to arrive soon.

I do a little bit of gardening while Clare goes to the bathroom.

As we eat breakfast, I tell Clare she has a beautiful smile. I think I made her blush.

Then all of a sudden — Clare‘s water breaks.

We change clothes and then I quickly take Clare to the Newcrest hospital.

Dr. Cathy was outside waiting for us when we arrived. Of course, I go into panic mode. My Clarebear seems to be the calm one when she sees Cathy.

I check Clare in at the front desk. I also called my workplace and hers. I let them know we wouldn’t be in today — because my wife was having a baby.


Dr. Cathy said she would take good care of Clare during the delivery process. Having met Cathy, I am glad she was the Doctor to deliver our baby.

When Clare was in the delivery room, she didn’t have just a baby. She had 3 of them. Yup. Triplets. We were able to take them home the same day.

I would like to introduce you to Hope Simself.

Jubilee Simself.

And last but not least, Joseph Simself Junior.

We only have a little over 12k in simoleons, but the hut I built needs a make-over now that we have triplets to take care of. It would have needed one even with only one child born, but it wouldn’t have had a large changing difference.

I expand the walls out and add a door. I added a lock to it, so when we have guests, they don’t feel the need to be inside uninvited. I also add some windows to let the light in during the day.

I moved my desk and put the bassinets close by. I also add more light fixtures.

And our new bed is close to as well because we know babies need a lot of taking care of. Especially all day and night long.

And finally, I add a little privacy for the bathing.

It’s about 1pm now and it’s baby duty. All 3 are crying. I’m glad we took family leave. Even if it’s for a day. Luckily babies grow up pretty quick. In about 3 days time, we’ll have rambunctious toddlers running around.

It takes about an hour to get the babies quiet. But who knows for how long, right?

Me and Clare and have quick granola snack while we can.

After we eat, Clare gets on the computer to share the news with the Page Turners. I myself tend to my garden.

My phone buzzes and I get a text message from work. I’ve been promoted. Of all jobs, I am now a Cat Video Creator. I don’t own any cats. No pets have been cleared to be in Newcrest yet. Supposedly in about 21 more days they will be. I guess I’ll have to find some funny cat pictures online and create some sort of collage animations or something.

As I continue to grow in gardening experience, I notice Clare has started a new painting. I am so glad she is enjoying the easel I got her.

Throughout the rest of the evening it was taking care of babies. But they sure are cute little ones.

Since Clare has the weekend off, she told me to try and get some sleep. She’ll take care of the babies and sleep in-between. That’s my Clarebear!

But first I update my social media status. Again, I reel my followers in with a joke. Then I update my status that I have children.

Good night, my friends!


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13 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 20”

  • Omg, triplets!! Congrats!! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing them grow up. Also, nice to see Dr. Cathy in action!

    • I was not expecting triplets…lol!

      Usually you would either use the fertility potion or go to the spa to increase the chances. I did neither. The game thought I needed to add more to the Newcrest Challenge by taking care of 3 kids at once instead of spread out. 😀

  • Oh triplets! Diaper party! Let’s rephrase that….stinky diaper party. Oh, but they are sooooo cute, and I love the names, too! Congrats 🙂 And thank goodness you finally up-graded your hut, I was hoping you’d put a window in. Yeah!

  • Dr. Cathy delivered the navies. How nice. And triplets. Sheesh! What a lovely surprise. Oh I like the names. Congrats. And nice to see you upgraded the hut. I wondered with a new wife and babies if you would.

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