#BuildNewcrest: Day 19

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 19 (Household Income: §10,557)

Can you believe I am going to be a dad? Me neither. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I hope I can be a good father figure.

I wake up around 7am. The tent is empty except for me. As I exit, I see Clare having breakfast. She is eating for two now. We both say our good mornings to each other.

After she eats, I have another proposal for Clare. I hold her hands and tell her I want to marry her today. We should invite some friends over and elope. We’re poor on funds for a fancy wedding. And we can’t leave Newcrest to go to a fancy town like Windenburg.

Clare is okay with the idea. I recommend she uses a vacation day so we don’t have to wait until after dark to do it.

We would just invite some close friends. Cathy and July from the Page Turners club. The funny stalkerish Megs. Of course, I don’t tell Clare she’s been stalking me lately. But perhaps if Megs sees I am married now, she won’t constantly be jogging around my lot looking all suspicious.

The best time we found out where everyone may possibly be able to make it was around 5:15pm. Clare called her workplace and told them she wouldn’t be coming in today.

In the meantime, I work on my garden and Clare paints.

My strawberry bush is full enough where I can graft my snapdragon plant to it and create dragon fruit.

My final project is to perfect my garden. Then I will be ready to create my community park.

It was close to noon, which meant lunchtime. Clare had to run the the little girls room. I decided to check out her latest painting why she did so.

To my surprise, it was a painting of… me! And in my jammies! Now I am really embarrassed.

We change clothes and head to my favorite grilling spot. I grill up hamburgers. Clare is hungry. She may want more than one.

Did I mention it’s nice to sit down and eat with someone I know? Now with whom I live with. Now with whom I am engaged to!

As the day goes on, it’s getting close to that time. Time to be married. And soon, there is a child on the way.

We both take bathes. I use bubbles again. It made me smell nice last time. Just ask Cathy.

When the time arrives, I invite Cathy, July, and Megs. Clare and myself dressed up a bit but didn’t tell the others to.

Megs saw Clare was pregnant and walked over to her. Or maybe it was the dress. I don’t know. I just hope there’s no cat fight.

It turns out we don’t need a priest to elope. We can just do it. How easy is that?

As we were sharing our vows, things were getting awkward with our guests. I think Cathy and July were uncomfortable with Megs there since they really didn’t know her completely well. They’ve all met before.

But Clare and myself continued on. Finally July and Megs come over as we’re about to make it official with the rings. I’m glad July is in much higher spirits from when I first met her. Cathy decided to check out my garden. I don’t think her and Megs are really getting along.

But in the end, I’m happy to be married to my Clarebear!

I tell Cathy to come join the group. But all that happens is she takes selfies with July. Now I am feeling bad for Megs. She looks likes she’s making an attempt to be happy for me. I guess only time will tell if Cathy warms up to her. I’m trying even though I think she’s a bit stalkerish.

As the sun sets and the group leaves, I get online to share my good news with fellow social media followers. I was too happy to eat and wasn’t all that hungry, so Clare went to find a quick snack of some yogurt. Did her other routinely things like also finding the indoor outdoor bathroom.

Afterwards me and Clare finally went to bed — as a married couple.


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