#BuildNewcrest: Day 18

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 18 (Household Income: §8,300)

Clare was feeling sick all day yesterday, poor girl. First I thought it was food poisoning. Then I thought maybe she was getting a cold. It was much better than that.

Clare woke me up a little after midnight. More sickness, I thought. But when I saw her tiny belly growth, I automatically knew.

Clare is pregnant!

I’m excited. I tell her how I wanted to be a dad and now I get to be. Although she is still feeling a bit sick from the pregnancy, she’s happy too.

After that rush of excitement, I tell Clare we should get some more sleep. We both still have jobs we need to go to.

We tried to sleep as much as we could. We kept talking about the baby. I think we drifted off around 2am. But now it’s 7am. We both work in 3 hours. I woke Clare up when I got up. I need to do some early gardening before work.

I tell Clare to rest for another couple hours. She couldn’t, so she decided to paint another picture after having to use the bathroom right away.

When 9am rolled around, we had breakfast and then got ready for work.

I’m hoping for a possible promotion again. Wish me luck!

At work, I was about to post a blog about my upcoming fatherhood. I found a nice baby collage for my page, so I emailed the creator if I could use it. It didn’t take long before I got a reply with a negative. Glad I asked, and so was the creator of the image. It wasn’t anything personal they said. And it’s kind of good that happened. I had a thought of what my readers my think if I got my girlfriend pregnant without being married first. I’m sure there would be heated debates with my followers. I needed to come up with a plan what to write, first.

No promotion, though. My boss said I needed more followers on my social media page. Then he’d look into promoting me.

I sat down to think about my position on telling my followers about Clare being pregnant. Maybe we should get married. Does she want that? This baby is going to come fast. Each trimester is only a day long. Maybe eloping is the best way to go. But first I need to see if she does want to get married. I want to make it a special moment when asking. I think I’ll ask her tonight. And I’ll take her out to that nice restaurant we went to in Magnolia Promenade.

That’s the plan!

When Clare is home from work, I can see she’s got the baby back pain. Hopefully my plan will take her mind off from it.

I tell Clare we are going out to eat tonight. I ask her wear something different tonight. Something she thinks is special maybe. And boy does she have good taste in clothing. She even changed her hairstyle.

At the restaurant, I ask for one the tables outside. Perfect!

Then we eat.

Then I get down on one knee, pull out a ring, and say to Clare… “Will you marry me?”

When Clare grabbed it out of my hand and put it on her finger, I took that as a yes.

We kissed. That’s a definite yes.

Then Clare jumped into my arms. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Side Note: Sims at this restaurant really do like to watch. The bartender was watching when Joseph asked Clare to be his girlfriend. Now the waiter spies on them. But that’s okay. It’s a celebration to share with everyone….autonomously!

That evening, I had to share the good news with my followers. I opened with a joke. Updated my status to engaged. That should get sims talking overnight for the night owls.

Phase 2, tomorrow. But first I need to try and get some sleep with my fiancee by my side.

Good night!



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