#BuildNewcrest: Day 16

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 16 (Household Income: §4,551)

The weekend is over and back to work. The nice thing about most of the week is that myself and Clare leave for work at the same time. I get home earlier before she does, though.

Around 6:30am, I wake Clare up. She sure knows how to dress for anything. Even her sleepwear was wowza. We didn’t do anything last night, though. Well, we did have a good night’s sleep.

I tend to the garden. I’m hungry but want to get started on watering what’s starting to dry out.

I grab a bowl of cereal and go over to Clare to see if she might want to grab something to eat as well. She gives me that little wave she did when I flirted with her as an experiment to she if she would accept it or not. Maybe she’s happy about me asking about breakfast. But this is mine. I wasn’t going to give her mine.

As Clare continues to flirt with me for my bowl of cereal, which I’m eating, I happen to see Megs jog on by. I really do think she’s stalking me now. Should I be worried?

I finally convince Clare to get her own cereal. Plus, my bowl is pretty much empty.

Side Note: A small reminder I am not controlling any other sim besides Joseph except if it comes to going to work or filling a Need. I play the game and write from screenshots I take. Now that Clare is part of the household, I am only making sure she will get to work and fill her Needs if she doesn’t on her own. Oh, I’ll also be playing with the wardrobing to make the story part come together. Autonomy is on full – and I’ll leave it at that.

When she got her bowl, she came over and gave me that look that I should have shared mine. I was hungry, Clarebear. I’m not sorry for it. Yeah, I did say we share stuff now. I didn’t literally mean every little thing. I think this is our first argument as a couple.

She’ll get over it.

I look over at the mailbox and see the flag is up. I’ve got mail. And I know what it probably is. Bills day. I suppose I should go check it out.

Yup, the electric and water bills came. I guess I should pay this off and get it over with.

Work in about a half hour, so I do a little bit more gardening.

Then me and Clare are off to our separate work jobs. Doesn’t she look high-techish in her work uniform?

I’m home from work first. Had a pretty good day. I think a promotion is around the corner.

Clare has about 4 more hours to go. Therefore, I’ll change into my sweats and get a quick jog in.

That jog made me a bit thirsty. Think I’ll have a glass of milk. Milk does the body good. Pass it on.

I really admire Clare‘s painting. I’ll store in away for when it’s time to build a house to live in. We can’t live here forever if this is to become a community park.

And then some more gardening until Clare gets home from work.

There she is. My science nerd is home from work. She looks exhausted.

I change and then find something to grill. Going to try grilled chicken tonight.

I ask Clare about her day. She’s in a much better mood after going to work. Remember, we had an argument over breakfast this morning. I’m starting to feel bad about it now. But glad she had a good day at work.

And once again. I think I see Megs out jogging….or out stalking. I’m getting scared.

After dinner, we go back to the tent. Inside, I apologize for this morning and she accepts my apology with a little woohoo.

Which we both fall asleep afterwards.

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