#BuildNewcrest: Day 15

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 15 (Household Income: §5,245)

It’s Sunday and both myself and Clare have the day off. I’ve got something important to ask her. I hope she agrees to it.

I wake up and my bladder is about to burst! Why didn’t my body wake me up earlier. PLUM!

I am able to make it to the outdoor restroom. Barely!

So relieved!

Back to my tent for some breakfast.

After eating, it’s bath time. Remember, I’m inviting Clare over. I don’t want to be hanging out with her and then all of a sudden, I start to stink. That already happened with July. I take my bath with bubbles. I smell fresher with bubbles.

Let’s find me something nice to wear. Not too fancy, but not too plain either.

How does this look?

It’s a little after 9:15am. My Clarebear should be awake hopefully. I’m going to ring her and ask her to come over. Then I’m going to pop the question.

It only takes her about 15 minutes to show up. She must live close by. Might be even closer soon. I hope.

I give Clare a hug and a kiss. Her hair smells so nice.

Okay, here goes nothing. I explain to Clare that I really really like her a lot. I would like her to be part of my experience in building Newcrest. I want her to move here with me. I tell her she has to give up all her current possessions, though. Even her current banking. She could either give what she has to her family or charity. She could eventually get the things she has now, but she has to do it from scratch. One thing she can bring with her besides her clothing, is her job. She can continue to be a Scientist. And we would share the household funds. What’s mine is hers and what’s hers is mine.

Clare, will you move in with me?

By Clare‘s reaction, I believe that was a yes. Yup, it was.

Side Note: I said there would be no cheats. I lied. I cheated by downgrading simoleons. So it really didn’t benefit me. The Build Newcrest Challenge rules state the housemate cannot bring in simoleons when they move in. Clare brought in over 26,000. So I had to take that away. What a bummer!

As I helped Clare move in, I remember her telling me that she had an aspiration to be a Painter Extraordinaire. So I bought her an easel since she was not allowed to bring hers.

She must have been really happy because she jumped to painting right away.

Side Note: Although my main goal is my founder and heirs, moved in household members (boy/girl friends, fiancees, husbands/wives, etc.) play an important role. I will be controlling them moderately. I will give them a push on their aspiration, but not force them to work on it. They must continue it on their own. Their aspiration is not too important to me. For household funds purposes, I will be making sure they get to work. For Needs purposes, I will control them to maintain a healthy bladder, hunger, energy, fun, social, and hygiene.

While Clare is painting, I think I’ll tend to my garden. I’m working on maybe grafting another type. So I have to make sure the two I already grafted blossom so I can harvest.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Megs. I haven’t talked to her in awhile.  Let’s go say hi.

Wow, she’s making me run with her or after her. I figured she’d stop to say hello. Finally she does stop.

We talk for some time. I ask her about music. She tells me she’s writing a book about it. An author, huh. I meet people in a book club and meet an author. I tell her about the Page Turners club. She looked interested, but didn’t say much about it.

She wanted to get back to her jogging, so I said goodbye.

I notice Clare continuing to paint, so I continue to garden.

Around 1pm in the afternoon, we both head to the spot where we met and grill some hamburgers.

It’s nice to finally sit down and eat with someone else besides a complete stranger or myself.

I go more into about what I have to do for this part of Newcrest. I explain how I’m going to need to have children some day to continue my legacy. And am hoping she is getting the hint.

Clare talks about her job and career as a scientist. She mentions she’s an Extraterrestrial Explorer. I asked her isn’t that more of an Astronaut career? Then she tells me she samples alien DNA and the such. I wonder if she believes in vampires as well. Silly Clare.

We end up getting company. It’s the mohawk guy from the restaurant we went to the other day. This is a little awkward. Myself and Clare stare at each other. We decide to head back to my… and mean… our lot.

I show her my social media profile page and postings. I update my status with a few jokes and then let my followers know that Clare will be taking this journey with me.

This takes to about 4:30pm. I wanted to invite Cathy and July over. Have a small Page Turners get together. Share our news. Maybe even join the club myself.

Clare thinks it’s a wonderful idea, so I call them up and see if they want to come.

I start a fire in the fire pit. I wonder if Clare will see how bad I start fires. But I managed not go burning myself.

Cathy is the first to arrive.

July arrived after and she didn’t even join the rest of us. She was moping on the sidewalk. Poor July. I hope everything is okay.

I think Megs is stalking me. I see her by my lot once again. Maybe she just wants to hang out, so I’ll invite her to this outing as well. We all need to cheer up July.

I introduce Megs to everyone and everyone to Megs. July is trying to look a little happier. Poor girl.

We all gathered around the fire pit. Well, everyone except…

July. She went to my computer. Oh well. I’ll leave her be. She must not have wanted to be rude and not come over, but really did want to be alone.

The rest of us talk. I ask the Clare and Cathy more about the Page Turners. It really was a fun evening. Megs went home eventually while the other two stayed. Yes, July came out and hung out after Megs left.

Soon it was around 10:30pm. We all said goodbye to each other. Cathy and July wished us both luck with our Newcrest adventures.

Then me and Clare headed into the tent to go to bed. No, we didn’t do any woohooing.

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  • Yay! Claire moved in. And she’s a painter, a scientist, and an extraterrestrial explorer? Ambitious lady. Poor July. I wonder what’s up with her. The gathering was nice. That’s right, Megs, make him chase you. :p Jk… Well maybe only a little. After all Joseph jogs frequently. He should be able to keep up.

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