#BuildNewcrest: Day 14

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 14 (Household Income: §5,088)

Another day, another simoleon. I don’t have much to my name right now. I’m still working hard, though. Hard at work and hard at my aspiration of being a freelance botanist.

I wake up around 6:00am from my stomach growling. Cereal time. I could go for some junk food, but I guess this is better for me.

My daisyies are ready for cutting. This means I should be able to graft two of these together to form something new. I take what they call a spliced garden shoot. Botanist lingo I picked up from the internet.

So I graft the daisy spliced garden shoot onto one of my strawberry plants…

And turn it into a plant that will produce strawberries, daisies, and now bonsai buds.

I then take a cutting of one of my lily flowers and graft it onto one of my snapdragon bushes to produce…

A plant that will produce lilies, snapdragons, and now orchids. I water it so it’ll grow just as beautiful as the rest of my garden.

I then spend the rest of my time watering the rest of my garden until I need to get ready for work.

After I get dressed for work, I make one round around my garden with a smile. I’m so close to calling myself a freelance botanist.

Off to work I go.

My boss called me into the office today at work and told me he’s given me another vacation day to the 3 I already had saved up. Not that I’ll need it right now, it’s nice to know I have some in case of emergencies.

I go into my tent to change into…

My jogging sweats.

I want to stay fit. Gardening is a workout in itself, but it doesn’t tone the body.

Nasty! That jogging gave me a good sweat and not a good one. I am stiiiinky!

I get into my tent to change out of my clothes. I quickly make my way to my bathtub in hopes nobody else sees me. I don’t want to see my naked butt trending over the social media networks.

Much better!

After that nice bath, I go online to update my social media status. My followers seem to like my recent joke postings, so I’m continuing that.

I go back into my tent to change into some regular clothes. I’m hungry and need more than just a roasted weenie. So I’m heading to my favorite spot to grill.

But what’s this? A Winnie The Pooh? Well, it kind of looks like Pooh Bear. Except it has an orange or lemon on the front. It’s cute anyway. I have to go say hi to the bear. Kids to the darndest things.

After my encounter with the little bear, I start my grilling. I’m going with veggie burgers tonight.

I end up eating alone. But that’s okay. Hopefully it won’t be this way too much longer. Hint hint!

After eating, I leave the rest of the plate for others who might be passing by and hungry. I make my way back to my tent to water some of my basil bushes that look to be drying out.

I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow, so I will call it a night. See you in the morning!

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