#BuildNewcrest: Day 13

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 13 (Household Income: §4,913)

Good morning. My arm still stings from last night, but I’m feeling much better now that it’s a new day.

Major potty moment when I wake up. But I make it to the bathroom in time. This too will be nice when I have my own bathroom of my own someday.

Then it’s breakfast.

I didn’t get a chance to message my followers last night since my arm was in pain, so I’m going to go ahead and post updates this morning and makes some jokes about what happened to me last night. I throw in a couple cat jokes as well.

I’m going to tend to my garden until it’s time for work. As soon as I see it’s close to 10:00am, I go change and make my way to work.

I had a really great day at work today. Give it a couple days or more and I see another promotion coming up.

I wasn’t able to water everything in my garden this morning and there’s some flowers that are getting dried up, so I’m going to go ahead and water those. I don’t want them dieing on me. I want a perfected garden.

I’m deciding on an early dinner tonight. It’s about 4:00pm. Grill night.

But as I get to my favorite grilling spot, I already see a plate of hot dogs. I check them out to see if they’re any good. There’s no funky smell coming from them. They look okay.

I am grateful for whomever made this. Less work for me having to grill.

I spot another person also carrying a hot dog on a plate. He’s walking down the street heading to the direction of my home. Let’s go check it out.

His name is Shingo. He had also grabbed a plate from the table, but he said he didn’t make them. He was just wandering around enjoying the view while eating and wanted to check out my garden. That’s awesome.

Well, it was awesome until he started bragging how his garden was much better. I didn’t want to be the rude one, so I told him thanks for visiting.

I finished my meal in my tent. I didn’t feel like making myself visible to talk to him anymore.

After eating in my tent, I change into some jogging attire to go for a jog.

I never really noticed the lake and its beauty. Such a pretty scene.

As I am almost back to my place, I spot July. She seems to be in better spirits from the last time I talked to her.

Unfortunately, I have a bad situation. I stink like sweat and she notices. Of course I apologize and tell her it was great seeing her again.

I immediately make my way to my bathtub. That was very embarrassing. Poor July having to smell my body odor.

Now that I am all clean, I think I’ll start a fire to completely dry off. I’m very nervous at the moment. We all know what happened to me last night.

First try! Phewph!

I’m going to text my new girlfriend, Clare. Make sure she’s still available for Sunday. For which she is. We text for a small time. She doesn’t work tomorrow, but I do. At least we both have Sunday off. I’ve got something big to ask her. I finally say goodnight to her around 10:00pm.

Which I am now going to say goodnight to you as well. See you in the morning.


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