#BuildNewcrest: Day 12

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 12 (Household Income: §4,913)

It’s Thursday. And it’s my day off from work. I’m kind of happy my hours were shortened as I need to really work on this garden. Once I feel I have become an expert Freelance Botanist, I’ll build my community park and move into a real home. But until then, I live on the lands, literally.

It’s such a lovely morning, isn’t it?

So, besides watering, evolving, weeding, and fertilizing my flowers, fruits, and vegetables, I need to learn to graft them. By grafting them, I combine two of them together to make a whole new flower. But first I need my strawberries to be ready to harvest. They are not quite there yet.

Maybe if I talk to them, they will grow faster. Perhaps bushes know about astrology. And if they don’t, maybe they can learn about them. As if they would understand me.

As I’m working on my gardening, Megs pays me a visit. How nice of her. She was jogging around the area when she noticed me, so she stopped by to say hello. It’s a little embarrassing I am in my jammies, but that’s okay I guess.

Not sure exactly why, but she was humming a tune as we were talking. So I end up asking her. She says she loves music and she has a tune stuck in her head. That makes sense now. I’m glad I am making friends with her.

We talk for a short bit before she goes back to her jog.

It’s a little after 9:30am and I’m hungry. Cereal once again.

I’m using today to focus on my gardening skills. I’m still checking out gardening websites. I learn a lot from them.

After a couple hours of doing research, I begin to sense a strange odor. It doesn’t seem to be coming from my pet frog, Hype. So it must be coming from me.

So, it’s bath time! Splish splash, I am taking a bath!

Then I go back to my gardening. I work on my garden for a good 3 to 4 hours. This is a lot of work. But if my plans for Sunday go as planned, I might be able to work on my garden more than I have been able to do.

I don’t feel like getting dressed to go grill, so roasting another hot dog will be my dinner. But first I must light the firepit. And clumsy Joseph, I once again, cannot throw a match correctly and light myself on fire. PLUM!

This hurts!

I manage to light it correctly the second time.

I roast.

I eat.

I sleep. My arm is killing me. Second time I burned it. I might have to go see Dr. Cathy about this.

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