#BuildNewcrest: Day 11

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 11 (Household Income: §4,474)

I’m getting used to sleeping in a tent as my home. Not really the ideal thing, but I feel like I am camping every day.

I can’t believe I slept into 8:05am this morning. I won’t be able to tend to my garden until after work. I’d work at home again, but they’d probably want me to go outside of Newcrest again. They didn’t seem to get it the last time. Not sure they will this time as well.

Side Note: The game has been goofy for me at time when I do a save. I saved the game when Joseph went to bed and closed it. When I opened the saved game to continue gameplay, it was already 8:05am the next day. Silly game. I guess it helps with the challenge!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I missed it one day. Too hungry to miss it today. And I’m hooked on this cereal.

After breakfast I get changed for work into my lucky sweater.

I’ll talk to you again when I get home from work with that promotion!

I told you I could do it. I got my promotion. Now I’m a Simstagram Searcher. I’ll be working less hours now. My days off have changed as well. I think I’m going to the unthinkable this weekend on Sunday. It’s my only day off for the weekend now. My workplace gave me Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays off.

I get right to work on my gardening. This is going to take me a couple hours if not more now that I have some fruits and vegetables to attend to as well as my flowers.

As I suspected, it took me about 3 hours. I finished around 6:00pm. It makes me feel like I am a Nature Nurturer to my garden.

I change into some sweats and go for a jog.

Afterwards, I head to my tent to get out of my sweatpants.

I quickly make my way from the tent to my bathtub…

And relax.

After getting dressed, I decide I want to roast. It’s going to be nice to have a kitchen to go to one day. But until then it is grilling and roasting. And maybe another dinner at that restaurant.

After eating my hot dog, I decide I need to update my social media status. Let everyone know I got that promotion. It’s also time to bring out the jokester Joseph and tell some funny stories. Maybe poke fun at some of my followers posts, but in a good way not to make them unfollow me.

I have to pee!

See how refreshing it is after you use the bathroom? No bladder concerns.

On my way back to my tent, I happen to see Clare. Of course, I should go see her. After all, we’re an item now.

We hug and do a little smooching. I ask my Clarebear if her Sunday is open and she says it is. I tell her I have a surprise for her.

We don’t talk long as she was heading home to go to bed. She’s got work in the morning. I don’t. I have tomorrow off.

But I have a lot of gardening to take care of tomorrow, so I guess I’ll call it a night myself.

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