#BuildNewcrest: Day 8

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 8 (Household Income: §4,549)

It’s Sunday morning. A new week has started. I cannot believe it’s already been a week since I’ve arrived in Newcrest. And hopefully a girlfriend soon. We’ll have to see how today’s date goes.

As I wake up, I need to tend to my flowers. Most of them are sparkling, so that’s a very good sign.

I fished up some odd looking seed yesterday when I was hanging out with Clare. She told me to plant it, but I feel I don’t want to do that quite yet. I’m going to hold onto it.

Cereal. The breakfast of champions!

I feel energized after eating, so I am going for a jog! I change out of my jammies.

Bath time becomes play time. I guess I’m just excited about my date tonight.

I’ve been reading up on gardening in my tent lately as I try and fall asleep. I found out that fertilizing flowers make them healthier as well, so while I wait for my date to happen tonight, I pick some basil out of a nearby bush…

Crush them up in a canister and fertilize my already awesome flowers.

After fertilizing a few of my plants, I decide to go for a stroll. I feel like meeting someone new today.

There was this blonde just standing around in-between two lots that are part of my Newcrest area. She’s looking at both of them. I hope she knows these belong to me.

As I approach her, her mood changes and she gets all excited looking. She gets a little creepy stalkerish looking. She goes into how she is one of my followers and wanted to check out this part of Newcrest. She says her name is Megs.

It turns out Megs has a really funny sense of humor. She made me laugh out loud. We talked and laughed for about an hour. She’s definitely a friend keeper. But I need to get ready for my date.

Need to find something nicer to wear. I saw a restaurant in the Magnolia Promenade I can take Clare to. So something appropriate for a nice restaurant. It didn’t look formal, so I won’t get too fancied up.

How do I look?

Let’s call Clare up for the date. She’s probably expecting a call anyway.

The restaurant is called L’Attente Bistro. I meet Clare there. She really likes that outfit. But so do I.

I request us a table. The host recognizes me. I wonder if he’s one of my many followers too.

We look at at our menus.

We both orders some frizzy fruity drinks. I ordered the garden salad for an appetizer. The waitress said it was the chef’s choice. Clare didn’t order any appetizer. We both ordered steak for the main course. I’m hungry.

As we waited, we did a lot of talking. Mostly deep conversations.

I was hoping to get an appetizer, but I think the waitress forgot. Oh well. When she brought out our steak, it looked delicious. And for once I didn’t have to grill or roast anything.

I talked a lot about the meal. I explained to Clare that for seven days I had to live off of grilled food and roasted hot dogs. She even was savoring the smell of this wonderful steak.

When we finished, a different waiter came by and grabbed our plates. I’m shocked he was allowed to have that mohawk on the job.

I go to the Host to pay the bill. Clare follows behind me. As I am paying, she tells the Host it was the best meal I’ve had in the last seven days because it was the only real meal I’ve had. Thanks for the embarrassment Clare!

Outside the restaurant, I decide it’s now or never. I really like Clare. I move in for our first kiss.

Then I ask Clare if she would be my girlfriend. When she said yes, I was probably a little more excited than she was.

Side Note: Look in-between Joseph and Clare in the restaurant. Someone is spying on the newly boyfriend/girlfriend couple.

I ask Clare if we could take a picture together before we call it a night and then tell her I will text or call her tomorrow.

When I get home, I go straight to my computer and let my followers know all about my date. I even share the picture of us outside the restaurant. Before I log off, I see a lot of sims liking the image. She’s a hottie, and I think everyone agrees! If Clare is one of my followers, I really hope she sees this. She would be thrilled as much as I am right now.

I’m really in a good mood right now, but I need to get some sleep as work comes bright and early along with my gardening chores. Good night!


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