#BuildNewcrest: Day 7

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 7 (Household Income: §4,561)

Rise and shine. The weekend is here!

I’m going to have major bladder control issues if I don’t hit the bathroom quickly.

Now that I was able to take care of the potty business, I need to take care of my flowers. It looks like a lot of them dried up overnight.

I even had to do some weeding. But everything looks nice again.

That gardening took me a couple hours and made me more hungry than I was. Hopefully this yogurt will fill me up for now.

Afterwards, I get the nerves to call Clare and see if she wants to hang out.

She accepts!

I suppose I should change into something other than my jammies.

After getting dressed, I hear someone at my computer in my somewhat of a shed. I go look and see that it’s Clare. She must have heard me rustling around in my tent getting dressed, so she kept herself busy.

She must have heard me approaching when she turns off the computer and gets up. She turns around and I notice she is wearing that beautiful outfit she was wearing the other day.

Clare said she went online to share some SimLit ideas she had with the Page Turners club. I told her it was okay. This club sounds more and more interesting.

Also, to save myself the embarrassment, I asked her how her dating life was. She said she wasn’t seeing anyone at the moment.

I asked Clare if she wanted to go walking around Newcrest. She actually wanted to go somewhere else. I had to mention that I really couldn’t leave Newcrest except for perhaps Granite Falls. And that’s more of a vacation spot. Then she asked about Magnolia Promenade. I recall seeing that since it was a commercial district, I was allowed to visit.

So that is where we headed. We went to the Magnolia Promenade.

She said the two of us should go fishing. We could have done this in Newcrest. But then she said that she saw my garden and there’s something special I could find while fishing that I could plant. Weird, but okay. I’ll go with it.

After a little while, I happened to snag a box. A box? What the plum? I’m excited, but I don’t why. I guess I’ve never caught a box before when fishing.

Clare told me there’s something special in that box that I should plant sometime. It’s something rare and different. Okay Clare. If you say so. I peak in the box and it looks like a very small plant with spots on it like a cow. Again, weird but okay. She ended up catching one, too.

Clare got a text message and she said that the Page Turners were at the store in the Promenade. Go figure. She said that she was told there was a sale going on and asked if I wanted to go. Well, at least she asked. Let’s go!

I see July and Cathy. I haven’t talked to Cathy for a couple days at least.

As we walk over to Cathy, Clare gets distracted with July and a few others.

Cathy and her groupies were talking about fitness wear. I just listened in. I am feeling out of place.

I end up asking Clare if she’s hungry. We could go back to Newcrest and grill something up. Luckily she was getting hungry too. So we head back to Newcrest.

I start up the grill as she watches. I try my hand at grilled potatoes. Not sure how that will taste.

Well, that’s just gross. My franks and beans from yesterday were still here and stinking up the place. Clare refused to sit.

I compliment her appearance and she takes it nicely. I even do a little flirting to hopefully take her mind off the stench happening.

We decide to sit at the other picnic table. We talked for a long time.

Then I finally asked her the question. I asked if I could take her out on a date tomorrow. I think she was thrilled at that.

We finished our potatoes and got to know each other more.

It was getting dark as we walked back to my lot, so I decided to call it a night for the both of us. I thanked Clare for a lovely evening and would definitely see her tomorrow.

We embraced and then parted ways.

I had to share the news with my followers.

And now I sleep. Good night, my friends!


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