Worlds Apart: 1.20: Birthday Party

I am in disbelief. Overnight and into the early morning in-game time, Vince completes the Mind and Body Aspiration. I don’t know how he maintained without having a negative mood for 12 hours, but he did it. Kind of happy the game took sleeping into account. This is completely unexpected, but I’ll take it. His final aspiration as a child is complete.

Then it’s family breakfast time. Tomorrow’s family breakfasts will have Vince looking a bit taller and older.

Not too long after, Vince heads off to grade school for the final time.

Xochitl is supposed to work today, but I am having her take a vacation day for Vince’s birthday.

I guess Vince decides to have some fun during lunchtime on his final day. There still should be consequences for the actions.

Aren’t these 2 cute. While Vince is at school, I’m letting Geordi and Xochitl autonomously do stuff. Geordi heads for the treadmill. Not long after, Xochitl is there flirting with him, and they are enjoying each other’s company.

After the 2 lovebirds have a late lunch together, they both decide to work on the rocketship together autonomously.

Before Vince gets home from school, I have Geordi work on getting some food made for the birthday party. Turns out Geordi likes to bake.

Vince gets home and it’s birthday party time. I had to do a little bit of MC Command Center cheating. I have Vince invite to hangout with many of his child relationships he made at school and going to the Festival of Youth. I jumped onto Geordi then and cheated each relationship of the child to acquaintances with him. I did this because only teenagers and up can throw a birthday party. And to invite those the same age as Vince, I have to make sure Geordi knows them as well.

Getting the birthday party started, I have Geordi invite many of Vince’s child relationship Sims and then also invite Karmine. She hasn’t even autonomously come over to visit. She needs to be invited to her little brother’s birthday party.

The first tasks show up. The NPC Sims can also help fulfill the tasks. So, if they do any of them, it’ll mark them off which is nice. I have Geordi congratulate Vince on his birthday.

This was nice to see between mother and daughter happen autonomously. Afterwards, I have Xochitl give Karmine a residential key so she can come over whenever she wants. Hopefully she will stop by more.

Soon it is time for the big Voidcritter Battle Station battle. Vince picks Alfonso to battle against. I have Vince use his largest trained voidcritter, Nymphaea. It is trained to level 9. And in the end, it looks like the birthday boy wins. There is no special announcement. The question is, did Alfonso do that on purpose?

With little time left on the task timer, it’s time for Vince to make a wish and blow out his birthday candles on the cake his dad made.

As Vince ages up, he already has the Active trait. His dad is a vegetarian and big sister is lactose intolerant, but I didn’t want to go with either of those and yet have him about food. So, Foodie was the best choice. Glutton would allow him to eat spoiled food and dig in the trash for something to eat. Not going that route with him. I want to give him a Teen Aspiration and the best suited one for Vince is the Goal Oriented Aspiration.

I immediately go into CAS to change Vince up a bit. I really don’t change much. The game used the same CC hair I had for Vince as a child but made for an older Sim. That was nice. I didn’t touch any of the facial features. I gave him a softer custom skintone as well as custom body hair. And of course, I switched up his wardrobe outfits.

Coming out of CAS, I find father and son hugging each other. This was cool. I didn’t force any actions. They were hugging as soon as my gameplay loaded. They are best friends, so I shouldn’t be surprised to see it happen.

For Vince’s outfits, I did my best to only use from the High School Years Pack. If I couldn’t find anything fitting, that is when I used other Packs, but avoided using ones that specifically came with an Expansion Pack.

And with that, I end the party early as Vince has received a Gold Medal for it. The gift he obtained was the dresser that is normally given. I wish they had a randomizer of different objects they could receive. I will be selling this. Vince’s big sis looks happy for him.

Next is to give Vince’s bedroom a makeover. Nothing real special. Upgraded a lot to make it feel more for a teen that is interested in sports.

It’s the next day and the weekend has arrived. Since Vince has the Foodie trait, I make sure he’s the one getting up early now to make breakfast. This gives Geordi a break and a little bit of extra time to sleep in.

However, this is Vince’s first time cooking and it doesn’t seem to start out well. Not just the stove catches fire, but so does Vince. Thankfully, dad is there to help. Vince doesn’t like what happened, but Geordi seems to get a good laugh out of it and thinks his son needs a shower.

After a quick shower and stove replacement, Vince makes a second attempt to cook breakfast. This time is much better.

Since Vince picked up liking fitness as a child, he decides to use the weight machine autonomously after breakfast. His Fun Need is in the yellow. This is good because I have plans for him to follow in both his parents footsteps as he gets older into young adulthood. Dad also shows up to support his son.

After Geordi leaves Vince so he can work out on his own, Xochitl comes out autonomously to work out with Vince. This makes me laugh. I did force Geordi to mentor Vince. But Xochitl working out wasn’t my doing.

I will end the chapter here letting Vince finish his morning to afternoon workout session. Next chapter, Geordi will be getting that last promotion. I am determined. We should also see Vince going to high school and attending classes with him on the first day for sure.

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