Worlds Apart: 1.19: Mind and Body

It’s now Tuesday and all three will be busy this time. Both Geordi and Xochitl have work and Vince has school. It is a typical morning breakfast with the fam.

After, Geordi goes right to continuing working on his rocketship. Of course, I gave him a little push. I wish he would have done it on his own. That would have been fun.

At school, Vince receives a text message on his phone from his big sister. I haven’t had any of my Sims get a text message from someone else in quite some time.

Then, while Geordi is at work, he is working one of the cargo checkpoints and perhaps notices something suspicious.

When Vince comes home from school, both parents are at work. He’s met some new classmates at school, so I have him invite them over to hangout so he can build up his relationship with them a little. Their names are Joselyn Jang, Tristen Al Habib, and Elisha Robles.

It’s only the 3rd day of the Fall season out of 28 and this gameplay has its first snowfall. Vince and Jocelyn decide to go outside and admire it as they’ve never seen snow before. It makes me wonder if the game is going to give me a heavy snow season. Typically, where I live, if it snows this early, that means it is going to be a rough winter season. I wonder if the game has the same plans.

Around 7pm in-game time, Geordi is already home from work and Vince’s classmates have also left. It’s dinner time with the boys. Xochitl has 2 more hours left of work.

Once dinner is over, it’s time for Vince to buy a voidcritter pack. And it’s new one. Yay. This one is called, Wisp. I have Vince train it up a bit, do some homework, and then go to bed for the night.

A new day with the same morning routine. All three again have work or school.

Geordi is making progress with building the rocketship. He should level up in the Rocket Science Skill before work which will be enough for the Promotional Task of ranking up to skill level 4. He even gets to the point of enjoying Rocket Science.

When Vince comes home from school, I have him invite another classmate, Amanda Alto, over. I build up their friendship to finish off the Social Bunny Aspiration. The two adults were both his parents for the aspiration.

I don’t feel like having Vince attempt the Creative Aspiration or the Mental Aspiration. However, there is a Mind and Body Aspiration within the Multi-Skill Aspiration I would like to see Vince try to achieve. He ages up in a couple in-game days, so he might not be able to finish it, but it will be fun to try.

Geordi comes home from work so close to getting his final promotion. I feel he’ll get it tomorrow in-game. The look on his face. I think he believes it as well.

It’s dinner time alone with father and son again. Can never go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich for a meal. Especially when it comes to the Sims game. Doing so, also puts Vince in a confident mood. He’s already completed the first milestone of the Mind and Body Aspiration. Now Vince needs to learn how to ride a bike. I knew bringing the bike over from the household of Xochitl and Karmine was a good thing. I’ll work on this tomorrow in-game.

It’s time to once again have Vince buy a voidcritter pack. Hopefully his luck will continue, and he’ll get another new one. There are 20 different voidcritter cards to collect. Obviously, Vince won’t be able to collect all 20 if I buy one pack a day. I figure he’ll pass it down to his child and they’ll continue the search for new cards. And if they don’t reach the 20, then pass the cards onto the next generation and so on until all 20 cards are bought.

Oh, fun. It’s another new card. This one is called Meduso. And it’s a Limited Edition Foil Card. That is neat. Even if I find a higher level Meduso card, I think I’ll still keep this one unless the other is also limited edition. I’ll have Vince work on training this one up.

Moving onto the next day. The boys have work and school while Xochitl has the day off. It’s the traditional family breakfast together.

Even though Geordi reached the Rocket Science skill level needed for his final promotion working on an actual rocketship, I want him to be able to finish it and go to space with it from home. He visits space all the time for work but will be fun to see him do it leisurely.

At work, Geordi is tired of being a space janitor. I think he’d rather make it illegal rather than stop cleaning up. He’s been supposedly cleaning up for some time now. I think he would want change, not make it worse.

At 3pm in-game, Vince comes home from school. He’s met a few more classmates. For his Mind and Body Aspiration, I have Xochitl help Vince learn how to ride a bike.

After learning how to ride a bike, Vince moves to his last milestone. He’s already completed 2 of the 3 tasks. This last one will probably be hard. He ages up tomorrow in-game, so I don’t think it’s worth even trying for. Perhaps I will try this on a future generation.

I am a bit disappointed when Geordi arrives home from work. Because of the small performance loss due to the space trash incident, he didn’t make his promotion. He would have otherwise. Instead, he gets another vacation day added. I’d rather he got the promotion instead.

It’s been some time since the family was able to sit down and have dinner together. It’s always breakfast. It was chilly outside today, so both Xochitl and Vince autonomously put on a cold weather outfit.

This is the last day Vince will buy a voidcritter pack since he becomes a teenager tomorrow in-game. Teenagers cannot play with the Voidcritter Battle Station. Unfortunately, the critter inside the pack is one he already has, Nymphaea. I’ll try and have him trade it tomorrow during his birthday party. For the rest of tonight in-game, I have him try to level up the Nymphaea card he already has.

Since it’s the end of the day, I will end the chapter here. The next chapter will begin Vince’s last moments as a child and then growing up into a teenager. His appearance and bedroom will get a new look.

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