Worlds Apart: 1.15: Bodybuilder

A new in-game week is here. Another family breakfast together. Vince gets to sit around the table instead of a highchair.

Because it’s Sunday in-game, the kids again do not have school. Tomorrow is Karmine’s last day as it is also her birthday, and she will be aging up to a young adult. Although she is not Geordi’s biological daughter, it was fun to watch him parent her as a caretaker. But I won’t dwell on this until tomorrow in-game. Geordi has the day off again as well and Xochitl has to go into work.

I have Geordi and Xochitl do some working out together on the exercise machines at their home. The storm is over and now it’s a nice sunny day outside.

Vince’s Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration requires him to play on a jungle gym. I switch out the ball pit Vince had as a toddler for the Starcruiser X Jungle Gym. I have to stick with this space theme, obviously. Karmine comes out autonomously to play with him. I thought that was cute.

Then it finally happens. Geordi completes the Bodybuilder Aspiration. He extends his life just a bit longer and he’s maxed out his Fitness Skill. Way to go, buddy!

As promised, it’s now time to show off Geordi’s before and after body from when he didn’t have any fitness skill to maxing it out.

Today in-game is also the day of the Festival of Youth. This will be a little father and son bonding moment.

When I renovated Vince’s bedrooom, I gave him a Voidcritter Battle Station. I’ve never experimented with the voidcritter portion of The Sims 4, so now would be a fun time. The flier said to speak with Yamachan to begin the voidcritter journey. It looks like I have to find 10 virtual voidcritters before the end of the event which is in 7 in-game hours as the time is around 11:30am.

While on the hunt for virtual voidcritters, Vince greets other children at the festival. However, doing so doesn’t end well for Vince. I only am able to collect 9 of the 10. If Vince hadn’t stayed to say hello to other children, I believe I would have had him catch all 10. I will try this again on a future generation who I think might be interested in voidcritters. Sorry, Vince. We tried.

Back at home, I see that Vince needs to practice typing for 4 hours for his Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration. After all that searching and coming up short handed by 1 voidcritter, he deserves his own computer.

When Geordi started his midlife crisis and wanted to do creative things, the game gave me a list. I had him try playing the guitar and he didn’t like that. The next on the list was to practice acting a couple times. However, now the game throws me that Geordi likes to cross-stitch. He hasn’t even tried it yet. I am going to continue down the list to hopefully shorten his midlife crisis, but I also am adding a cross-stitching kit to the living room. I didn’t plan on any of my Sims doing knitting or cross-stitching until I got to the Henford-on-Bagley world generation. I’ll let Geordi autonomously use it if he wants to. I am not going to force him to cross-stitch until I get to the knitting portion of his midlife crisis. Hopefully that will count as knitting.

It is also time for Geordi to obtain a new Aspiration. As I mentioned earlier, I want something to do with parenting. I am picking the Super Parent Aspiration. Doing so, I have already achieved the first milestone. His next task is to discipline Karmine and/or Vince 5 times. I am hoping he won’t have to. But I’ll be on the lookout for it. I’m kind of wishing that we stop the aspiration here. I’d hate to see Geordi have to reprimand his kids for whatever reason.

Geordi also has over 3k reward points to spend. I might as well take advantage and use what I can up. Now that he has finished his Bodybuilder Aspiration, I feel like Geordi is carefree.

I have Geordi spend time in front of the bathroom mirror practicing his acting for his next midlife crisis task. He wants to do this 3 times, so I’ll have him practice once a day for the next 3 days.

The next morning as Geordi is taking a bath, he decides he likes singing as part of his midlife crisis. I do prefer this over cross-stitching, however.

Today in-game, this is Karmine’s last day of high school as it’s her birthday and she is aging up to a young adult. It is also Vince’s first day of grade school. Geordi heads off to work a little after the kids go to school. Xochitl has the day off, so I have her make a pie for Karmine’s birthday. Why a pie? Karmine is lactose intolerant. Any cake that Xochitl can make is not lactose free. I’m hoping Karmine doesn’t age up before Geordi gets home from work.

Before heading off to work, Geordi autonomously finds the cross-stitching box and decides to do some stitching. Too funny. Again, I didn’t want to force it upon him, but if it happened it happened. Now, it’s happening.

At school on his first day, Vince finds a love letter in his backpack. I don’t picture him being confrontational, but rather a Sim who would wait it out and see.

When the whole family is home, it’s time to age up Karmine. Now, pies cannot have birthday candles on them, so I am going to force age her up. I randomize her last trait and it gives her Good. I also randomized her aspiration which gives her the Master Chef Aspiration.

I’m happy to say that Karmine graduates high school as Valedictorian!

Finally, I’ll give her one more makeover. I want to keep the hairstyle the same still as it looks tradition for her. Her wardrobe will get a new look, though. I want to give her outfits from the pack she came with as an NPC to start with.

I will end this chapter here with Karmine aging up. Next chapter, she will move out and into a new home with her girlfriend. Geordi is also close to getting another promotion at work and hopefully succeed in that in the next chapter.

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