Worlds Apart: 1.14: TV Season Premiere

Because the game gave him an aggressive trait earlier on, toddler Vince is now autonomously taking his issues out on his stuffed bear, Blarffy. He recently finished joking around with mom, but his being scared of the thunderstorm outside is giving him anxiety issues, I think.

At Geordi’s work, there is some mischievousness going on and he is caught in the middle of it. I don’t want him to resign from his job. But normally, I think he would have made this arrest. I wish this option would have come later when he reaches elder status or about to. Then I would have made him do the arrest and quit his job over it and retire.

Geordi arrives home from work as Karmine is heading out to her job. He makes dinner and then it’s just him and toddler Vince eating together as Xochitl is at work as well.

I miss seeing it, but when Xochitl arrives home from work, she gets struck by lightning. Poor woman. I make sure she gets inside the house. They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but we know that to not be true when it comes to the Sims game.

Overnight while everyone is sleeping, ghostly Gramma Eleanor decides to sleep with her granddaughter. Karmine had a stressful evening and Gramma knows it and wants to be there for comfort. Eleanor is not part of the household. She did this autonomously via the game. I didn’t realize ghosts slept, but I guess she does. She only slept for about an hour before getting up and doing other ghostly things.

When morning comes, it’s family breakfast. Karmine and toddler Vince have school today while Geordi will go into work soon after. Xochitl has the day off. Another day to slowly work on her skills.

With it being Summer, the household has been sweating a lot in the house, especially when there is a heatwave outside. I decide to have the household buy a thermostat and have Xochitl set it to a cooler temperature. Hopefully this helps with them sweating profusely indoors.

In the evening hours, the premiere of a new season popular tv series is about to start. Geordi, Xochitl, and toddler Vince sit down to watch. Unfortunately, Karmine had to be at work during this.

As the next day comes to pass, it is toddler Vince’s birthday and growing up to the child lifestage. I decide to wait until he comes home from school along with Karmine. Geordi has the day off from work, but Xochitl is supposed to go in today. I have her take a vacation day so the whole family can be there for toddler Vince’s birthday event.

While the kids are at school, I have Geordi work more on his Fitness Skill. He almost has it maxed out. Xochitl is also working on hers and receives a new Personality Trait because of it.

When toddler Vince and Karmine arrive home from school, the family birthday party for Vince begins. There are a few tasks to work on for the party. Geordi begins by making funny faces at toddler Vince. Then they all listened to toddler Vince’s favorite kid radio station.

Then it is time for the birthday boy to blow out the candles on his cake.

I have plans on how I want Vince to grow up already. He’s going to take after both his dad and mom. With that, I put him in the Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration and give him the Active trait. He also jumps to level 2 on all his child skills since his toddler skills were so well.

I bring Vince into CAS for a small makeover of a new hairstyle and clothing. I do not touch the facial features. He turns out to be a handsome young fella.

I end the gold medal status birthday party event with the family having cake. The reward is another dresser for which I will sell as it’s the exact same one as Geordi received on his.

It is then time for Vince’s bedroom to also get a small makeover.

The next morning, Geordi is experiencing a midlife crisis. Now he has a desire to create. I’m glad I brought along the guitar from Xochitl and Karmine’s old house as one of the desires is to play an instrument. It looks like Geordi gets to learn the guitar.

It’s a Saturday, so there is no school for Karmine or Vince. Xochitl has work at 3pm and Geordi has the day off. After Xochitl heads off to work, I send Geordi and the kids to the Movers & Shakers gym together. I’m not sure what Vince can do there yet, but I know Geordi and Karmine can do some working out. Geordi is so close to maxing out his Fitness Skill, I am hoping to get that done in this in-game day or tomorrow’s.

I have the three in a group. I have Geordi do a Workout Together option to see what Vince does since he cannot use any equipment yet. He decides to do some sit-ups. I love it. It is working out.

Not much for the rest of the day as it was thunder storming the whole time from when they all woke up to even now. Not even sure if the child lifestage can use umbrellas, but Vince is getting soaked outside.

During his midlife crisis of wanting to create music with an instrument, Geordi finds out that playing the guitar is not something he likes to do.

Overnight, ghostly Gramma Eleanor must have had a bad experience in the spirit realm. She makes an appearance and takes her anger out on Vince’s stuffed bear, Blarffy.

On that note, I will end this chapter here. It was nice seeing toddler Vince become a child. The child lifestage lasts for 14 days. The next chapter I am hoping Geordi finally completes the Bodybuilder Aspiration. I then want him to work on a Parenting one. I think I saw a couple of them, but I am not sure. I’ll discover that when I cross that bridge.

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