#BuildNewcrest: Day 6

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 6 (Household Income: §4,309)

It’s Friday! And so glad it is. I could use two days off after today.

I didn’t eat any dinner last night, so now my stomach is growling. I always enjoy a good cereal breakfast.

I’m pretty stoked at my gardening skills. This morning, I am able to evolve some of my flowers.

As I go for my morning jog, I spot July in the distance looking a bit down.

I approach her to see if there’s anything wrong. She was feeling a bit gloomy.

I tried to cheer her up. Told her she should maybe talk with her Club friends. Mentioning them gave her some inspiration. She told me how much she really liked discussing SimLit. She is such a sweet woman.

But I had to cut our conversation short as I had to get ready for work.

We’ll see what my boss thinks about my media update on me interviewing people in San Myshuno online about the Spice Market rather than going there in person. Wish me luck!

Okay, so I need to change this up a bit. Whenever you do some exercising, you should always take a bath or shower afterwards. Maybe I should do my exercising after work instead of before. I’ll try that next week.

So, a co-worker of mine got the scoop of what I was doing and did the same thing and posted his interview with folks from the Spice Market first. That’s not going to fly with me. I’m a quick learner and wrote something up about a second article my co-worker was doing. That’ll teach him to not steal my assignment next time.

By the end of the workday, I got some excellent news. I got promoted to Clickbait Writer.

I’m feeling completely tense, I decide to take a muscle relaxing soak.

Afterwards, I go online to update my status and share the good news with all my followers, for which I’ve gained even more now, about my promotion and mad gardening skills I’ve acquired.

After getting dressed, I head over to my favorite grilling spot. Tonight it’s going to be franks and beans.

Muy delicioso. I should also become a chef.

Someone left hamburgers out for others. Now they can have my famous frank and beans to go with it. It seems it’s a pretty quiet night again and no one is around I can invite to sit with me.

After dinner, I head back to my home lot and light a match. As I throw it into the firepit, a huge flame practically explodes…

And lights me on fire instead! PLUM!

C’mon Joseph! Be like Taylor Swift and shake it off, shake it off!

Let’s try this again.


As I keep warm, I contemplate about what to do tomorrow with Clare. That is if she wants to hang out.

Okay. It’s dark and I’m tired. Sleepy time. Fun day ahead for me hopefully. Nighty night!

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