#BuildNewcrest: Day 4

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 4 (Household Income: §3,999)

Good morning. I keep having good night sleeps. I’ve been waking up fully refreshed and it’s 6:00am. I’m trying to figure out a good routine schedule. Yesterday didn’t work too well.

Gardening is always a priority. I never pictured myself becoming a botanist.

Some of the flowers are ready for harvesting, but I’m going to keep them growing so I can evolve them next. Then I may harvest and replant.

Breakfast is next.

I change to go jogging again. No distractions this time, Joseph.

The no distractions worked and I can take a quick bath before work. I even wash my hair.

And soon after, I have to head to work. Wearing my lucky sweater.

Yours truly is home from work. And I was awesome! No promotion, but I did superb work. That means promotion around the corner.

This time I can grill for dinner.

That veggie dog I roasted was actually pretty delicious. I wonder if veggie burgers taste just as good.

They taste a little different, but they aren’t horribly bad.

No visitors today. I ate all by myself. I wonder if Cathy and Clare are busy tonight. Maybe I can invite them over for roasting marshmallows.

They’ve already had their first impression of me. But I should still tidy up and look nice, so bath first. This time I added bubbles.

And then change into something more appropriate for visitors coming over.

I look dashing!

Now to invite Cathy and Clare over.

Both have accepted the invitation.

What’s nice is they both show up at the same time.

Clare was the first to wave to me, though. Cathy was either deciding to smell me (I used bubbles this time, remember?) or was humming a tune.

I started a fire in the fire pit and invited them to sit. Both already knew each other from the Club they were in.

Clare talked about our clothing styles and how outfits can be a turn on or off romantically. I can’t deny she is hot looking with that outfit. Not that I don’t think Cathy‘s isn’t nice. That hat cracks me up still. And she likes casual.

Cathy talked about creativity. She’s really into the SimLit stuff and I don’t blame her. I’m tempted to join the club myself.

And I ask if they want to roast marshmallows.

It didn’t look like Cathy or Clare wanted to. So I just decided to poke a stick into the fire.

We continued to talk some more. When I looked at my watch I saw it was close to midnight. I have to work in the morning! I was told I can work from home, so maybe that is what I’ll do this time.

I really like both these women, but I think I’d like to date Clare. She’s up to my speed more than Cathy is. Cathy would be fun to hang out with. Clare, I can see myself settling down and having a family.

I thank Cathy for hanging out. Then we say our goodbyes.

I decide to do a small experiment with Clare. I put some moves on her to see how she would react. And it turned out positive. She flirted back.

As we gave our goodbyes for the evening, she gave me a seductive wave.

Side Note: By the end of the evening game time, Clare had a higher relationship with Joseph than Cathy did. So Clare was the winner as the new interest of Joseph. That is if she accepts his advances and such. If she rejects him, there is no going back (to a previous save)! And we still have two more simself sims on their way.

I get online to share my evening with my followers. Of course, I’ll leave out the part where I’m crushing on Clare. Maybe they’ll have their own opinions.

Now that my status is updated, I need some sleep. I didn’t realize how tired I really am. I’m glad they’ll let me work from home.

Good night!

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