#BuildNewcrest: Day 3

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 3 (Household Income: §3,851)

Rise and shine. Another good night’s sleep. I’m getting up early now so I begin a morning routine.

First, let’s check on my flowers. It’s only day three, but I’m getting the hang of this gardening stuff. I’m waiting for my flowers to be good enough to evolve into higher quality.

I think I’ll have granola this morning for breakfast.

And then change into some sweatpants and comfortable shoes to go jogging.

That granola hit the spot where I’m taking an energized jog. The scenery is really nice. I’m excited how my legacy will turn this area into something for everyone to enjoy, though. The greenery will disappear, but I bet something beautiful will come from it.

During my jog, I find some more loose snapdragon flowers to pluck. I’m going to have a lot of these soon.

Hmm, I don’t have any pockets. I guess I’ll just stuff them in these sweatpants somewhere and continue my jog.

I got too distracted by the flowers. When I finished jogging, I needed to get ready for work. I’ll plant this flower when I get home. I’ll wear the same clothes I did yesterday to work. Maybe something good will come from it again.

Off to work I go.

I’m home and do I steeeenk! I’m glad I was by a computer the whole time by myself. My boss was impressed with my work, but not my hygiene.

Bath time! I’ve really got to scrub myself this time around.

After my long bath, I plant and water the snapdragon flowers I harvested earlier.

It started to get late, so I decided to roast again for dinner. This time I would try the veggie dog. It really does not look appetizing at all.

But it tastes pretty good.

After dinner, it was time to update my social media status. It’s not going to be a very exciting update. Maybe if I make a joke about my hygiene, I won’t lose any followers.

It turns out I actually gained a few more followers.

I think the fire dried the rest of me up, so it’s jammies time.

Before calling it a night, I check in on my new friends Cathy the Doctor and Clare the Scientist. By the time I finish chatting with the two, it’s even more dark out.

That means bed time, so good night!

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