Music Makers and Music Friends

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Fall

Music Makers and Music Friends

Dante created a flyer and placed them on lockers and walls throughout the hallways of the Copperdale High School. It stated anyone who had a passion for music or playing an instrument to meet at the LUX Nightclub on Saturday morning. He asked them to wear black of some sort so he would know who they were. A small handful showed up and Dante soon made some new friends.

During the first club meeting, the group decided to call themselves the ‘Music Makers’. Dante liked that. For their next meeting, they would have a themed outfit for all of them to wear. The first meeting was mainly to get to know each other.

Bonus Images

Dante catches a small crate of fruit while fishing.



  • Leader of the Pack (Get Accepted) – Start or Join a Club (1/1)
  • Leader of the Pack (Get Accepted) – Buy a Club Perk (1/1)
  • Leader of the Pack (Private Gathering) – Perform 10 Club Activities (5/10)
  • Leader of the Pack (Private Gathering) – Be in a Club Gathering for 12 Hours (4/12)


  • Fishing (5/10)


  • Crytunium Metal
  • Discus Fish
  • Ironyum Metal
  • Ruby Crystal

100 Bae Challenge

  1. Jeb Harris
  2. Morgan Fyres
  3. Wolfgang Munch
  4. Cassandra Goth
  5. Ash Harjo
  6. Sidney Price
  7. Gemma Charm
  8. Kiyoshi Ito
  9. Rohan Elderberry
  10. Kaori Nishidake
  11. Noah Kane
  12. Babs L’Amour
  13. Riley Chatman

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