A New School Year and a New After School Activity

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Fall

A New School Year and a New After School Activity

Dante begins his Junior year in high school. He had quit his job as a lifeguard as it was only seasonal employment and will go back to it in the summer again. To occupy himself after school on some school days, Dante joins the football team.

Dante is cooped up in the penthouse and wanted to see where his friends lived. He found out that a few of his friends live in Windenburg. He heard about homelessness and wanted to see what it was like. Morgan Fyres and Wolfgang Munch showed Dante an empty plot of land on The Crumbling Isle in Windenburg where he could stay without it causing trouble with townsfolk. The two lived on the mainland and let Dante know he could visit them anytime.

Bonus Images

Dante has a knack at writing poetry.

Wolfgang and Morgan show Dante a secluded area in Windenburg he could hide out for himself.

Dante’s mom is now taking an interest in Dante’s friends!



  • Singing (2/10)


  • Emerald Crystal
  • Obtanium Metal
  • Plathinum Metal
  • Punium Metal
  • Simtanium Metal

100 Bae Challenge

  1. Jeb Harris
  2. Morgan Fyres
  3. Wolfgang Munch
  4. Cassandra Goth
  5. Ash Harjo
  6. Sidney Price
  7. Gemma Charm
  8. Kiyoshi Ito
  9. Rohan Elderberry
  10. Kaori Nishidake
  11. Noah Kane
  12. Babs L’Amour


  1. I ended up finding it a little too easy with Dante in the penthouse. Not really a “challenge”. Will start off in February on an empty lot and not go to the penthouse.
  2. As a reminder, I am doing each month as a Rags to Riches, so Dante will have 0 simoleons at the start of each month. He will continue to dig and such with selling any duplicates he finds.
  3. This is the first bae selfie where someone has photo bombed in it…lol!

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