An Ending and a Recap (part 1)

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Summer

An Ending and a Recap (part 1)

Dante has spent a year on SimEarth learning what it is like to live amongst the Sims people. He started high school and learned what is was like to be bullied and have someone tell him he was a bully himself. Like his father, Dante has found a passion in playing the piano and has learned how to write music. Dante wasn’t sure if he romantically liked boys or girls. He found both genders to be equal when it came to romance.

Dante is ready to start his second year of high school and still wants to pursue more romantic relationships. He is also ready to share his passion with playing the piano to others.


Aspirations Completed:

  • Teen (Live Fast)

Maxed Skills:

  • Charisma (10/10)
  • Dancing (5/5)
  • Piano (10/10)


  • Crystals (8)
  • Fossils (9)
  • Frogs (11)
  • Metals (1)
  • Mounted Fish (8)
  • MySims Trophies (15)

100 Bae Challenge

Baes Dante Made for this Month:

  1. Jeb Harris
  2. Morgan Fyres
  3. Wolfgang Munch
  4. Cassandra Goth
  5. Ash Harjo
  6. Sidney Price
  7. Gemma Charm
  8. Kiyoshi Ito
  9. Rohan Elderberry
  10. Kaori Nishidake
  11. Noah Kane


  1. This ends January’s daily images. February will start a new world and a new Aspiration.

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