School is Out and Work is In

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Summer

School is Out and Work is In

Because Dante doesn’t have school for the next few months because of Summer, his father suggests he finds a job. Dante thinks lifeguarding will help him meet more romantic interests.

Social Bunny

Luna Villareal tries her best to get back at Dante on Social Bunny. Dante feels it is a fail.



  • Drama Llama (Internet Troll) – Be Mean on Social Bunny 5 Times (5/5)


  • Fitness (2/10)
  • Piano (9/10)
  • Writing (2/10)


  • MySims Trophy – Zombie Carl


  1. Typically there is no high school in the Summer unless the kids are going to Summer School for their grades. I decided to cheat in some Vacation Days with MC Command Center Mod to have Dante’s summer free from school.
  2. Since there is no Aspiration connected to Oasis Springs, I am using that World as a free world Dante can visit any time. I needed a place to show off his lifeguard work uniform, which is custom content.

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