HoP: Chapter 18


Chapter 18


Dylan escorts Bob and Eliza across the street. Once was an empty lot now stands a building that invites others to stop by for something to eat and drink.

“Here we are.” Dylan begins. “You wanted it simple, yet sophisticated. I looked over your floor plans and design ideas. I really liked your painting, Eliza. I ran with it and did as much as I could to replicate the outside.”

“Bob, since you said the main theme would be different types of pancakes along with other breakfast items, I wanted to make that clear on the outside, besides the title. I had this poster created just for your restaurant.

“I planted colorful flowers along the front as well. As the outside of the restaurant will be what customers see first, I wanted to make their first impression a worthwhile one.”

“I’ve added two menu slots where customers can view the menu before entering.  You can easily remove and add through the top. There’s one on both sides of the doors. Any questions before we move on inside?”

Both Bob and Eliza shake their heads no.

“You did a wonderful job out here.” Eliza said gleefully.

“As you walk in, there are comfy seating to the right and to the left. Sometimes families will want to sit down before getting a table or if it’s busy, they can have a seat waiting for a table to open up.”

“This is where your host will be. I kept it close to the door so they can meet and greet. Plus it’s good for customers if they walk in and can be seated right away and not have to figure out where to go. If anything, the customer could seat themselves, but it would be nicer for a host to find the spot most comfortable for the customer.”

“Eliza, if I recall correctly from our meetings, you said you were going to watch the front of the restaurant?”

“Yes.” Eliza replied.

“This will be your area along with your waitstaff. I made it as spacious as possible with easy access to the kitchen for all the employees. There’s plenty of seating for families, couples, or single folk who want breakfast by themselves.”

“And here we have the public bathrooms.”

“And I saved the best for last. Bob, this is your place of worship. I think you’ll love what’s in here. All the magic will be done in this area. I’ve made it spacious enough if you start to get busy and need more staff on hand.”

Bob was grinning from ear to ear and Eliza was in awe.

Dylan led Bob and Eliza back to the front entrance.

“So, are there any questions I can answer before I leave you two to your new restaurant?” Dylan asked.

“I can’t believe how much work you put into this.” Eliza said. “You and the construction team did wonders.”

Bob was too busy still staring at his new kitchen.

“Bob?” Eliza asked.

Dylan started to chuckle. Bob came back from his own world.

“Oh, no questions. I think this place is great.”

“Okay then. Here are your keys and you two have a great afternoon. I’m going to take you up on that free meal still. I hope I can make your grand opening.” Dylan concludes.

Dylan walks out leaving Bob and Eliza alone.

Note from the Author: If you like this restaurant, the basic design was created by Gallery member iRachael. The name of the restaurant is called IHOP (fitting, isn’t it?). I then did my own remodeling of it. Please visit this member’s Gallery if you’d like to download the original of this restaurant or take a peak at what else iRachael has to offer!

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