A First Prom and a First Romance Ride

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Spring

A First Prom and a First Romance Ride

It’s Prom night and Dante decides to go stag as he knows many of his romantic interests will be there and doesn’t want them seeing him there with someone else and have the jealousy and rage kick in. He is there only to have a fun time. Dante ends up having more than only a fun time.


Dante arrives to the gymnasium to experience his first Prom.

Dante gets his groove on!

Dante votes Kiyoshi Ito for Prom King and Morgan Fyres for Prom Queen!

Dante enjoys the food presented by the staff.

Photo time!

Although she wouldn’t date him, Savannah Price didn’t mind having a slow dance with Dante!

Dante is happy Morgan won Prom Queen, but is Morgan? Too bad Kiyoshi did not win Prom King.

Not a shabby first Prom for Dante!

Dante gets invited to the afterparty!

Jeb Harris agrees to ride the cuddle carts with Dante.

More than just cuddling between Dante and Jeb!



  • Drama Llama (Hot Gossip) – Mess Around in the Cuddle Carts


  • Video Gaming (3/10)


  • Eggplant Whirl Frog
  • Enormous Trilobite
  • Orange Topaz Crystal


  1. This was my first time ever doing the Prom event. Now that I know what to expect, Dante’s Junior year (February month) I will aim for Silver or Gold status.
  2. I found a mod called Two Prom Royalty Mod that removes the Jester and adds a second royalty.

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