A Date and a Dare

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Spring

A Date and a Dare

Dante wanted to go out with Savannah Price, but she kept rejecting him. So, to get his revenge, Dante went after her brother. Dante takes Sidney out on a date and mischievously dares him to put a stink bomb in her locker next time they’re at school.

Date with Sidney Price



  • Live Fast (Risky Business) – Ask a Sim Out on a Date 5 Times (5/5)
  • Live Fast (Live Fast) – Dare or Frame a Sim (1/1)
  • Live Fast Aspiration Complete


  • Comedy (5/10)
  • Mischief (8/10)


  • Pre-Pre-Pre Sim Head

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