A Fresh Face and a Rekindled Romance

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Spring

A Fresh Face and a Rekindled Romance

It’s Love Day and Dante decides to ask his first crush and boyfriend he made at the start of the school year, Jeb Harris, to spend an evening with him at the Nightclub. He asks Jeb that he removes the bag over his head so he can see the face under the bag. Jeb agrees for the date only and will resume wearing it after.

Date with Jeb Harris



  • Live Fast (Risky Business) – Ask a Sim Out on a Date 5 Times (4/5)


  • Cooking (7/10)


  • Citrine Crystal
  • Fossilized Sim Hand
  • MySims Trophy – Trevor Verily


  1. A couple readers on the Sims Forums requested to show Jeb Harris’ face without the paper bag, so this is for them.

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