Urban Myths and Stink Bombs

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Winter

Urban Myths and Stink Bombs

Dante tries to convince Wolfgang that Bloody Mary is in a mirror. Wolfgang is not impressed with Dante’s antics and puts Dante down with his lame attempt. This angers Dante, so he decides to plant a stink bomb in Wolfgang’s locker another day.

Bonus Images

Dante prepares a stink capsule to go off in Wolfgang’s locker when Wolfgang Munch laughed at him for trying to trick him about an Urban Myth.



  • Summon an Urban Myth Twice (2/2)


  • Charisma (7/10)
  • Comedy (4/10)
  • Gourmet Cooking (2/10)
  • Handiness (4/10)
  • Logic (2/10)
  • Mischief (8/10)


  • Leaf Frog
  • Quartz Crystal


  1. The Aspiration requires for Dante to summon an urban myth two times. Second time, he scared himself. Was hoping Wolfgang would have been spooked as his relationship with Dante has been going down drastically. But he just laughed. So, I tried it again. Poor Dante got the Scared moodlet from it. What a backfire.

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