#BuildNewcrest: Day 2

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 2 (Household Income: §3,942)

Good morning. I slept really well last night. Today is my first day on the job as a media intern. I’m pretty stoked.

First thing, I’m going to check on my flowers. They need some watering, but they’re looking nice.

With these four different types of flowers, I think I’ll call myself a Garden Variety.

I had to use the outdoor bathroom. I couldn’t hold it until going to work. I wish we had air fresheners in these things. Major stinkiness.

On my way back to my lot, I found some more wild snapdragon flowers.

Getting back, I plant and water this flower with the other one.

I’ve got to be to work in about 45 minutes, so I’m going to have a quick bowl of cereal.

I head back into my tent to change for work. I’m thinking nothing too fancy.

Hopefully this sweater will work nicely. I’ll talk to you again when I get home from work. Home. Is this really considered a home?

I’m home! And I’ve got great news. I did such a wonderful job, they promoted me after my first day. They saw I was more than just intern material. I get to keep my hours. Now I’ll be working on more online stuff for the company. And I can even work from home if I want to.

I think I’ll update my social media status and share the news with my followers.

I seemed to gain some new followers as well. I must be trending with this building newcrest thing.

I called up Cathy to share my news and see how she was doing. She was unemployed but was going to look for a job after we parted ways.

Her news beats mine. She found a job in the Doctor field. I didn’t know she had a background in the field. Maybe it’s the quirkiness of her that got her the position. I’m happy for her.

We talked for about half an hour. My mouth was getting dry, so I grabbed a drink from my cooler.

I also had to check up on Hype, my pet frog. He seemed to be doing okay.

Going into the bathroom and after coming out, I noticed a really bad body odor smell. I took a whiff of myself and I almost vomited. It was me. Boy was I steeeenky!

There were no indoor outdoor showers, so I installed a tub in my little shed, as I now call it.

I indeed did enjoy taking a bath.

After that nice bath, I was really hungry. I didn’t feel like grilling though. So roasting it is. I went ahead and started a fire before changing.

As the sun was already setting, I changed into my jammies. I decided I’ll start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier to add a jogging routine to my schedule.

I grab a hot dog from my cooler so I could roast it.

Did I mention I make killer roasted weenies?

Clean body and a full stomach. Now it’s time for bed. I’ll talk to you again in the morning.


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6 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 2”

  • Congrats on the job promo! And CathyTea being quirky? No…haha….is that all it takes to becoming a doctor? lol

  • I love campfire hot dogs. They are about the only way I’ll eat a hot dog. 🙂 Whoa! CT is a doctor!? That’s cool stuff. I’m liking Joseph Simself. He’s got a matter-of-fact narration that makes the everyday interesting.

    • Roasting marshmallows and making smores out of it was my favorite campfire past time. Yup, Doctor CT is in the haus. 😀

      • We were thinking about doing a campfire in the backyard but then it snowed. Perhaps next year… or when it melts. You know… I never thought about the bathroom scent in the Sims. The things my Sims deal with that I just don’t have to since I’m the gamer… haha.

        • Yeah, it’s like the movies. Bathroom scenes are always avoided. It makes it more fun though when you actually get to see them doing their thing. Well, I guess it depends what their thing is. 😀

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