HoP: Chapter 17


Chapter 17


Eliza closes the door after Steve Harvey leaves. She is speechless for what is probably seconds, but feels like minutes to Bob.

Eliza approaches Bob and hugs him.

“Thank you!” She exclaims. “And I want to apologize. I guess I just fell into some sort of depression and was losing hope. How did you manage to find him?”

“I have connections.” Bob answers with a wink. “It took some convincing, but when I told him how much this meant to you at the beginning and he was the one who inspired you, I assumed he couldn’t say no after that.”

The next morning, Bob was happy to see Eliza sitting next to him again at breakfast.

“So where are we at again on finances?” Eliza asks.

“A little over ninety-two thousand simoleons.” Bob replies.

“And we need about one hundred and twenty to have the restaurant fully furnished I think the real estate agent said. So we need about twenty-eight thousand more to go.”

“As I said before, we’ll get there. It just takes a bit of time.”

As a month goes on by, Bob continues to work on his gardening skills — watering, weeding, evolving, and harvesting. He’s collected a lot of fruits and vegetables with which he adds to his meals.

He’s also been putting ideas together for the restaurant menu. The new restaurant is going to be called, Bob’s Breakfast. Pancakes will be the specialty, but he wanted to also add other breakfast meals.

Eliza has been busy during the week as well. She had gone back to painting all types of paintings. She’s liking her paintings more and more to the point where she might now start to hang one up around the house. But she’s not that confident quite yet.

Her performance at work has excelled as well. Her boss told her she could be up for another promotion soon if she keeps it up. She’s hoping the promotion comes with a much better pay.

Bob and Eliza finally had the funds to finish the construction of the restaurant with furnishing and the sort. They called up the real estate agent to finalize everything.

“Everything is in order then.” The agent explained. “The restaurant now fully belongs to you. Congratulations. I’ve invited Dylan back as he said that he would be the one finishing up everything since you gave him the layout and design of how you two want it to look.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with both of you. Sorry I look this way, I’m working on another housing project right now and was pulled away. I wanted to come hear the good news.” Dylan said.

“If you stop by and feel like a breakfast, it’s on the house.” Bob replied.

“I may take you up on that.” Dylan said with a grin on his face.

At the end of the following week, Dylan returns.

“I have some really good news for the both of you.” Dylan says to Bob and Eliza. “The restaurant is finished. I’ve made some minor adjustments to your modeling requests and also had some signage made to fit what your restaurant is going to be about. You’ve probably been watching as the outside got painted. But would you two like to see what the inside now looks like? I also have the keys to give to you.”

“We’d love to!” Eliza chimed in.

The three headed outside to go across the street to check out the Pancakes’ new restaurant… Bob’s Breakfast.

Note from the Author: If you haven’t guessed by now, I am playing the game and writing this story as if it is real time and not Sims time. Therefore, I am somewhat cheating from the rules of The Restaurant Challenge. I am adding funds to the household as if they worked days I am not playing. For example in this chapter, I skipped ahead in time to a month later. So I increased the household funds to a month of pay for both Bob and Eliza.

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