#BuildNewcrest: Day 1

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 1 (Household Income: §6,895)

Today is my first day in Newcrest. It’s a little nerve wracking, but I’m up for the challenge. There’s a lot to be done and I’ll only be able to do so much in my lifespan. I’ll want to draw people to my part of Newcrest, besides the wandering townsfolk. I decided a community park is the best way. I found a nice spot, which was called Tranquil Crescent.

I must tell you also that if I am to build Newcrest, I have to live on my land. A land of nothing but grass and dirt. I can visit parts of Newcrest outside my area of building. There’s an outdoors bathroom, some picnic tables with grills, and a small jungle gym play area for kids. Some of this will be essential to me since I have no real home to live in yet, just a tent. I also have a cooler for quick meals and a garbage can to throw away my finished foods.

I was also made to buy a knightly statue. This was to be used as a pass-me-down to my heir. A legacy reminder type thing. It is never to be sold or removed from the family. It’s an odd thing.

I finally created a fire pit so I can cook my own food when needed. Grilling everyday won’t be fun.

To build my community park, I need to become a green thumb. My aspiration is to become a freelance botanist.

I bought some starter flowers to get myself going. I’m hoping I can find some others around Newcrest I can pluck and replant. But for now, I plant some daisy bushes and a chrysanthemum flower.

I’m calling myself a Naturewalker.

Tomorrow I start my new job as a media intern and they said I needed to create a social media profile. I need a computer to do that. I thought my slablet would do that, but it’s a no go with it.

So, I am going to go ahead and create myself a small wooden hut type place just to have a computer at hand.

Once built, I install my computer and get online for a bit to create my profile. So happy there is free wi-fi here in Newcrest. I’ll end up having an electric bill, though.

It’s not even noon yet on my first day of building Newcrest and I’m already feeling like I want to get out in the city. I guess it’s the loneliness. Perhaps if I take an adventure around my land. Maybe that will brighten things up for me. Let’s go take a stroll.

I spot a hollow log at the end of this lot. Let’s go check it out.

I hope nothing in here bites my hand. Digging deep, I find a frog, a hypno frog. I think I’ll name it, Hype.

Let’s take him back to the tent and get him in a tank and let him relax. I hope he likes dark places as Hype is better off in my little hut next to my computer. He’s such a weird looking frog.

Back to strolling! On my walk down the street, I see this woman wearing some kind of animal hat. It looks cute and funny at the same time. I go introduce myself to her.

Her name is Cathy. Just talking with her for a couple minutes, she was funny. Meeting someone with a good sense of humor right now hit the spot on my loneliness.

She didn’t have a job, but she was in a club called the Page Turners. It’s all about books and other reading. I think she said her favorite was reading Sim Literature, SimLit for short.

We talked until around 12:30pm. It was now lunchtime, so myself and Cathy exchanged numbers and parted ways.

I decided to grill on my first day in Newcrest. Take in a bit of the scenery as I eat. I grilled up some hamburgers. They seemed easy enough to grill.

As I was eating, this redhead sat down right next to me. Startled me for a moment. Then she started to rant and rave about who knows what. All I was getting out of it, was she liked to own things, lots of things.

But as soon as this other woman grabbed a plate and hamburger and sat across from me, the redhead got up and stormed off. I was kind of grateful, so I introduced myself.

She said her name was Kyra. She looked pretty young to me and that’s when I found out she was a teenager and goes to Buckingham High. She had a pretty creative mind when talking with her. She also likes to babysit. I wonder if she’ll still like to when I have my own children. She might outgrow that phase by then.

When lunch was over, it was time for me to continue my wandering. I thanked her for the chat and we exchanged numbers.

Viewing the nice scenery of this part of Newcrest, I ended up finding some flowers I could harvest and replant. These were wild snapdragon flowers. I put them in my pocket in case I find more before heading back to my tent.

And luckily enough, I did find some more on my adventures. This time I found some wild lily flowers.

I head back to my lot I am living on and plant the two flowers I found. The others have already started to grow. I watered them all to help the process along.

I had to use one of the outdoor restrooms after watering these. So I headed to the closest one. When I came back out I saw this pretty looking lady sitting by herself at one of the picnic tables.

I went over to say hello and she introduced herself as Clare. I guess she was daydreaming about her crafting. She’s into making high end stuff. Talking to her more, I understood more when she mentioned she was a Scientist.

We talked until around 6:30ish and then she had to leave.

The sun is starting to set, so I head back to my lot and light a fire in the fire pit.

I head into my tent…

Change into my jammies, and come back out.

I have the urge to get a little exercising in before dinner. So I do some sit-ups and push-ups. I like to walk and jog instead, so I’ll have to start putting that into my daily routine.

For dinner, I am going to roast a weenie.

Mmm mmm mmm! I make some mean roasted hot dogs.

Before heading to bed, I get on the computer to update my status and let folks know how my first day went. I’ve started to gain some followers.

It’s heading onto 10pm, so I need to catch some Z’s. I put out the fire in the fire pit…

And head to my tent. I set my alarm on my watch for 7am as I have to be to work at 9am. I climb into my sleeping bag and call it a night.

See you in the morning!

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