HoP: Chapter 16


Chapter 16


Eliza opened the door to see Steve Harvey standing outside her home. She practically fainted but was able to compose herself.

“You’re…” She started. “You’re…”

“I’m your man, Steve Harvey.” Steve replied. “Your husband Bob asked me to pay a visit.”

Eliza turned to face Bob who was in the corridor to the living room. He was grinning. She gave him a look and then pointed at his robe.

“Oh!” Bob exclaimed. “I’ll go change, but let the man in.”

Bob went upstairs to change and Eliza invited Steve in. She led them to the living room and offered him coffee while waiting for Bob. There was small chat between Eliza and Steve when Bob came back downstairs.

“Bob told me you saw one of my inspirational commercials awhile back and it got you motivated to improve your relationship. He said you thought running a business together would bring you closer. He then said it was working, but now you have doubts because of simoleon problems.”

“I…I…” Eliza wanted to respond, but couldn’t think of anything to really say.  She sighed, shrugged her shoulders, and looked down.

“I learned this from Joel Osteen.” Steve continued. “That’s my man. He’d be texting me. That’s my man. God had put some people around me and showed me some stuff. He was telling a story. He said this man who went to heaven. He was walking with Peter. Down this isle way. And they were going down this corridor. It had a lot of doors on it. And said all these doors had names on it. And he said ‘Peter, what’s all these doors with names on it?’ And he said, ‘Don’t worry about it. Just go ahead.’ So he kept walking. And messing around he saw one them doors and it had his name on it. He said, ‘Whoa!’ He said, ‘Peter? This here has got my name on it. Something I need to know?’ He said, ‘Man, you don’t need to worry about that. You’re here now. Just go on in there and talk to him.’ He said, ‘No. I want to know what’s in the door.’ He said, ‘You sure you want to see what’s in the door?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ So he opened up the door. It was a warehouse. It had numbered shelves in it. And on the shelves had numbered packages on it. And all the packages had his name on it. And he said, ‘What is all these boxes?’ He said, ‘That is all that is blessed. All that is seen. God wanted to ship to you. But number one, you didn’t ask him for it. Then number two, you didn’t believe you would have it. Then you doubted him. And then you felt like you wasn’t worthy. And so now all these boxes is up here.’ Now the man standing there, wishing he had never even been in the room. And I started thinking. I got some dudes who work for me. I said I want you to do this graph for me. And that’s what I’m going to show you now.”

Steve hands Bob a dvd which he puts into the dvd slot on his television and plays it.

“See, what happens is. When God sends you a package, he only sends it to one street. That’s Faith Street.”

“You’ve got to stay in faith. You can’t move off of Faith Street. You can’t get on Doubt It Drive. You can’t be over there start doubting, cause you’re package going to go right on by.”

“You can’t lose your faith and get on Not Meant To Be Way because your package is going to keep going right on by.”

“Cause the package just goes to Faith Street. You can get your feelings hurt. I ain’t worthy. Guess what? Your package is going to keep going right on by.”

“You have not, because you ask not. Then you sit up here starting to feel sorry for yourself. You go on Pity Way. Your package keeps going right on by.”

“If you stay right on Faith Street, don’t ever come off. Cause the blessing is coming. If you wait on it, here it comes. It may not come when you want it, but it’ll pass.

“But if you get up and move off of Faith Street, your box will get sent back to sender. And now you’re going to have a warehouse with a bunch of boxes with your name on it, that you didn’t ever get.”

All of this even caught Bob’s attention as Steve was talking. Eliza was almost in tears by the time Steve finished.

“I’ll tell you what.” Steve said. “I’m going to donate fifteen thousand simoleons to help with this restaurant business.”

Steve writes out a check and hands it to Eliza. They both stand up and he gives her a hug. He then shakes hands with Bob. Bob in turn hands Steve his dvd back to him. Bob and Eliza escort Steve to the door and he wishes them the best of luck.


Note from the Author: Credit for the Steve Harvey sim goes to Gallery ID member davidsson01. There were three renditions within the Gallery and his was the best of the three. He’s got some other nice stuff for download. Please take the time to visit his ID page. Because I moved Steve Harvey into the Pancakes household to create this chapter, his funds also came into the household. So I cheated a bit. I kept the money and made it as if he made a donation to Bob and Eliza.

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