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Day 5: Possessed

I had another dream with the few hours of sleep I got. Mom and dad were up again before me. I guess they want be awake when I leave for work. I’m actually happy now that they are. When we first arrived here, I didn’t think it mattered. It does now. Seeing their happy faces […]

Day 4: Scientific Discoveries

To my surprise, mom and dad were up when I got up for work. I only had about 3 hours of sleep, but I tried to hide it. I supposedly went to bed early last night according to my parents and if they see me tired, they are going to get suspicious. I give them […]

Day 3: Private Investigator

Today I wake up to my alarm. But I had another dream about this place. This time a young woman with silky black hair wearing a red dress was in it. She didn’t have the creepy smile on her face like everyone else did in my first dream. She had a beautiful smile. When I […]

Day 2: Welcome to StrangerVille

I sit up and hang my legs over the side of my bed. I think I just had a nightmare. I was walking around this town and everyone had a freakishly smile across their face. Even mom and dad. And that lady I met yesterday, Marlee, had one too in my dream. I look over […]