Meet Other SimLit Writers

I have read or I follow these SimLit websites. Please take the time to visit at least one. You won’t regret what you find.

Stories by Jes2G
You will find many SimLit stories at this website. If you want a good start, I recommend reading The Pruett Family Legacy. It’s inspired by The Legacy Challenge. You will find all 10 Generations and an after party. It’s a long read (unless you binge read it), but it’s well worth it.

Dust to Dust
This is a SimLit story inspired by The Ambrosia Challenge. It’s about a young boy who meets a ghost and begins to fall in love with her. It’s got romance, drama, and a little bit of humor.

Ashes to Ashes
A sequel (or spin-off) to the SimLit story Dust to Dust. Follow along with the Rosebrook family and enter the world of high-drama. This story is The Legacy Challenge inspired. Please note if you read this story, there will be swearing, depictions of alcohol/drug use, and sexual situations.

Heffner Legacy
Inspired by The Legacy Challenge and the Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge, this SimLit story contains a lot of suspense after Generation 1. You’ll meet another side of Tony Corleonesi, the famous Sim who made his first appearance in Legacies of the Sims.

Princess Simcess
This SimLit writer has a few stories for reading. Currently I am reading Beauty and the Beast. She has her own special take on the fairytale for the sims. There’s one other finished story and a The Legacy Challenge with a twist.

… Stay tuned, more SimLit stories to come!