StrangerVille: A Simself Story

StrangerVille: A Simself Story
A #BuildNewcrest Challenge: Simself Legacy Edition Spinoff

Based from the StrangerVille Game Pack comes a story of Joseph Simself III who joins the military and is immediately stationed in a new town to begin his military training and duties. Bringing along his parents Junior and Anne for morale support and guidance, can Joseph become the best military man he can be while in a strange place that holds a mysterious past that seems to be out of this world? Or will he and his family fall victim to the unexplained phenomena?

This story contains game spoilers! Do not proceed if you wish to explore the game’s town of StrangerVille and play out the mystery yourself without knowledge of what to expect!

Table of Contents

  1. Conspiracy Theory
  2. Welcome to StrangerVille
  3. Private Investigator
  4. Scientific Discoveries
  5. Possessed
  6. The Bloom Begins
  7. Stop The Infection
  8. Hero of StrangerVille (Finale Part 1)
  9. A Little Less StrangerVille (Finale Part 2)