1.22: Romance Festival

Reese took five photos of his now fiancé last night in-game after he proposed. It’s fun you get to choose poses for the Sims. These three turned out the best with Normal quality. The other two unfortunately were a bit poor. One was even blurry. I do like these three, though.

Now that Reese is engaged to Elizabeth, Reese should get to know her family. Well, get to know her brother. He’s the only other family that arrived with her in game. Because it’s Saturday and he doesn’t have to work, I have Reese go over to their apartment. They live in the same District, just inside the other apartment complex. I randomly placed Sims in the apartments without deciding who would fit in the best apartment. I also never explored all the apartments within San Myshuno, so it’ll be fun to check out the apartment I chose for Elizabeth and her brother.

Of course, when Reese arrives and sees Elizabeth, his mood changes to Very Flirty. I have him do a Friendly Introduction to Kurt Landers, Elizabeth’s younger brother, who is a Teenager. According to MC Command Center Mod, he’s going to be a Young Adult within the next day or two it looks like. I then have Reese Get to Know Kurt and let autonomy take over for a little bit.

Reese has learned the following traits about Kurt:

  • Hot Headed

If you’re reading my gameplay blog right now, you could be wondering why Reese is all fancied up in a purple suit. Well, we know Elizabeth is into the purple color from her outfit. He’s got to look nice for her. And it’s also the day the Romance Festival has returned to the Spice District in San Myshuno. I knew this ahead of time as I look at the calendar each in-game day to see what events or holidays will be going on. I like to plan the gameplay around that on most occasions.

I was originally going to have Reese and Elizabeth go on a fourth date, making it at the Festival. But I remembered something about the first time Reese visited the Romance Festival. And I’d like to see Kurt there for my own personal agenda. So, I decided I will just invite Elizabeth and Kurt to tag along with him at the Festival. Not ideal for Kurt being a teen and hot-headed. Plus, his other trait doesn’t fit well going. Hopefully he shares it with Reese soon.

As soon as Reese, Elizabeth, and Kurt arrived on the Festival grounds, I had Reese go over to one of the fountains and Pour Sakura Tea Together. The only problem was that Reese was the only one to go over, pour a glass, and enjoy the pink aura around him.

It seems Kurt was hungry, not thirsty. And I don’t think he wanted to go the Festival to begin with. I kinda forced it on him. Elizabeth, like a good big sis, hung out with her brother outside the Festival grounds.

With food still on their minds, Elizabeth and Kurt finally made their way onto the Festival grounds and ordered from one of the food stalls autonomously. They sat down at a table and I had Reese join them. I had Reese start up a conversation with both and let autonomy take over again.

The other trait of Kurt finally is revealed to Reese. This was probably one of the reasons he didn’t enter the Festival grounds right away. I don’t think he’s into the romance thing.

Reese has learned the following traits about Kurt:

  • Loner

As the sun sets and night time takes over, I decide it’s time for Reese to put the plan into motion. The first time he went to the Romance Festival and having a bit of fun with Elizabeth while I searched around the Festival grounds for his other Friends he had made, I noticed something that would be fun to use if I got the chance. There is a wedding arch at the Romance Festival. So, I decided to do a Heat of the Moment Marriage To Elizabeth Landers.

Since Reese is the Founder and doesn’t have any family and Elizabeth only has her brother, I don’t see a big wedding happening. Before the Reboot, my Founder had this fun big extravaganza wedding with almost everyone in his Relationship panel in attendance. It was a fun and exciting wedding to play out. The chapter only had a paragraph at the beginning and at the end. All in between were wedding screenshots. I don’t see that with Reese.

Reese even planned vows for Elizabeth. These two are so cute together. And the scenery and colors are just magnificent right now. Now you can see why I dressed Reese up the way I did.

Then it was time for Reese to make the official commitment to Elizabeth with the sharing of the putting a ring on her finger. I wish the game automatically changed their CAS outfits with a marriage ring, but I’ll end up bringing both Reese and Elizabeth into CAS and adding a ring to their fingers signifying their marriage.

I decided to have Elizabeth keep her maiden name and hyphen it with Reese’s last name as you’ll see in the profile below. I also wish the profiles would reflect any family members as well such as brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. It would be fun to keep track that way. I really wanted to see Brother-In-Law in the Relationship menu for Reese and Kurt. I’m happy they made it to Friend status, though.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (6/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (7/10)
Dancing (1/10)
Fitness (4/10)
Gourmet Cooking (5/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (4/10)
Writing (3/10)


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4 thoughts on “1.22: Romance Festival”

  • Whoa! Fun spur-of- the- moment wedding! Aww congrats you two. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

    Kurt is a teen? I thought he was an adult. Hahah. Well, I guess he can live on his own in a few days.

    • Yeah, that’s why I put he was Elizabeth’s younger brother. He will be aging up to a Young Adult real soon, though.

  • Wow! That is fabulous! Spur of the moment wedding and Elizabeth had no problem with it! Congrats to Reese and Elizabeth! I’ve always wanted to do a wedding at the Romance Festival! Just perfect for these two, and it didn’t cost a simoleon either! I think the suit that Reese is wearing also gives off the flirty vibe. So, Elizabeth has a brother who shares her dark glasses fashion sense. Well, he might be a loner, but I think he approved of the wedding since he got that sentiment. Happy Times ahead!

    • I like that the spontaneous wedding was like a fancier way of eloping. Not spending simoleons on it was a bonus as well.

      I still find it hilarious that he wouldn’t step foot on the festival grounds to start with even after I did a group action. Not sure where he got that cupcake he was eating either. But he wanted more food, so he autonomously went to the food stall. Elizabeth followed him.

      I’m guessing if Reese is good enough for Elizabeth in Kurt’s eyes, he must be a good guy.

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