1.18: Love Day

Love Day has arrived. As a reminder, Love Day is a Sims version of Valentine’s Day. It is a default holiday created by EA/Maxis that happens once every Spring season.

It was a special day for Reese, so why not make something different for breakfast. A scrambled eggs kind of day. Oh, and bacon. A special day to have bacon with those scrambled eggs.

Then it was time for Reese to head off to work. I and Reese were counting down the in-game hours for him to get home and get ready for his Love Day date. I picked out a venue for him that was in the gameplay before the Reboot. Levi went on a date there. Now it’s Reese’s turn.

Reese finally returns home to his apartment complex. Tonight he is going to skip going to the Willow Creek Archive Library and Skye Fitness Gym.

Reese gets on his phone to order a gift – A special flower for a special lady. Plus it’s part of the Love Day tradition.

(Behind the scenes look: While Reese was at work, we have a stranger by the name of Ekram Elderberry enter his apartment and use his bathroom sink to grab a glass of water. I have Reese lock the door at night before he goes to bed and unlock it when he gets up. No intruders during his work shift until now. But since he was only after a glass of water, it’s alright.)

Then it was time to call up this special lady and Ask on Date…

He requested she meet him at a specific venue for this date of theirs.

And then Reese met her again. Elizabeth Landers. First he saw her singing at a karaoke machine with a beautiful voice. Then, unbeknownst to him, when he wasn’t aware, she would be watching him but disappear before he had a chance to converse with her. They met up again at a karaoke bar and were finally able to talk to each other. It didn’t take long for these two to become Friends, but she still hid from him her traits. Reese went to the Romance Festival looking for his new Friends he had made, but only one made an appearance. It was Elizabeth. Although he was high on the Sakura tea and made some moves on her, she freely accepted them. There were sparks. Even the Romance Guru had pointed some hints about her. A tall dark stranger.

Now Reese was officially going out on a date with Elizabeth. He brought her to a place where they could have a lot of fun – The Llama Bowl-A-Rama Bar.

Before going inside, he presented her with a red rose. The red rose symbolizes romance, love, beauty, and courage. A thornless red rose means love at first sight. Reese (and myself) knew he liked her the moment he saw her sing. Members of The Sims Forums voted Elizabeth as the most fitting and interesting for Reese of the five Friends he had made in San Myshuno. And the Romance Guru predicted someone with her features.

After Reese gave Elizabeth his gift…

Elizabeth gave Reese a gift along with a thoughtful message:

“Everyday we share together, we’re creating our own fairytale. I look forward to our happily ever after.”

The gift can be found in Reese’s inventory.

Elizabeth gave Reese not just one, but two roses. Double what he gave her. I guess these two were really meant to be together. She doesn’t seem like a shy person, but maybe she was nervous to approach him earlier and that’s why she spied on him. But why would she run when he tried to talk to her when he first saw her?

They found a table and sat down. I had Reese Flirt with Elizabeth and then had autonomy take over for a bit so they could do their Main Goal: Socialize with Your Date on their own. Brant stopped by. The three talked and Brant left, probably knowing Reese was on a date.

Reese’s Hunger Need moved to the yellow, so I had Reese and Elizabeth go to the front bar and order some food. Reese continued talking there. I think he was even talking about himself. Maybe talking about his job. Elizabeth kept staring and listening to him. She is so into this guy. *laughing*Β Elizabeth begins to open up and share about herself, too.

Reese has learned the following traits about Elizabeth:

  • Geek
  • Perfectionist
  • Creative

I couldn’t believe it. Elizabeth shared all three of her traits with Reese at the bar. And he didn’t even use the Get to Know interaction. The notifications popped up as they were conversing. The first two came up right after the other. The third took a little bit.

Look who showed up at the Llama Bowl-A-Rama Bar? Those who had been reading before the Reboot might notice him. I actually didn’t at first. But I was also thinking I knew this guy and he doesn’t look like a premade.

This is Levi Hayward. The first time around Plain ol’ Legacy Founder. I added him and his wife, Spica, from before the Reboot to this Sims Multiverse. And what is he wearing? I don’t have him in an outfit like that? *laughing* He was a Painter before the Reboot. Maybe he is here too, but a different kind of Painter. “Good to see you again, Levi!”

After they reached Gold status for their date, I have Reese and Elizabeth go ahead and do some bowling together and Bowl 3 Frame Game. Levi was a horrible bowler before the Reboot. Here’s to hoping Reese is a much better bowler.

Nope. He’s actually worse. *laughing* Reese fell flat on his face as the ball stops in the middle of the lane. I don’t believe Levi ever fell down. He would always just throw gutter balls. Reese redeemed himself the second time and got a strike. My game lagged a bit, so I was not able to pause and get a screenshot. Bummer!

Look at that form on Elizabeth. Now she knows how to bowl! And doesn’t she look great in that outfit and bowling shoes? *laughing more*

Or maybe she doesn’t know how. Or she feels bad for Reese and does the same thing to make the night more fun rather than embarrassing for him…even though he did get a strike the second time.

Elizabeth’s second roll ends up a gutter ball. She almost fell again. I don’t think she’s used to wearing bowling shoes.

In the end…

Reese Duran won the bowling game with a score of 28.

Now that the game was over, it’s time for Reese to ask Elizabeth a question. She was feeling a bit down that she didn’t know how to bowl very well. She ended up with two gutters and a strike.

Elizabeth just became the girlfriend of Reese.

Take a look who is in the background. Are we going to see another anger fit?

As it was getting late, Reese wanted to take a selfie with his new girlfriend, Elizabeth! Well, I wanted Reese to.

This was a successful Love Day and Date for Reese. Before he goes to bed for the evening, I place the selfie of him and Elizabeth on his bedroom nightstand. It’s time to buy Reese a camera so he can take more wonderful photos of himself and Elizabeth in the future.

The Llama Bowl-a-Rama Bar is created by SoulGal7. She likes to write reality show type challenges for The Sims (for which some of my created Sims are in). But she also creates wonderful things for the Gallery.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (5/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (6/10)
Fitness (3/10)
Gourmet Cooking (3/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (3/10)
Writing (3/10)


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9 thoughts on “1.18: Love Day”

  • Fantastic that Elizabeth and Reese share all the same traits! Now that is a match made in simheaven for sure! And then had a really great date at the bowling alley. Thank you so much for using my build. And now Reese has a new girlfriend. Congrats! I can see great things for these two. And the Romance Guru was right! *wink*

    • Not all the same traits. But they do on one. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to these two hanging out together more.

      Your Lots and other builds are neat.

  • I love that she gave him two roses! Elizabeth really was the best for him out of all his potential dates. I hope they get to hang out a lot more.

    I’ve forgotten, but I think you’re not using any attraction mods like Wonderful Whims, right? It’s nice to see good romantic progression with just the game and MCCC? installed.

    • It does look like these two were meant to be. Reese knew it. The readers knew it. And even the Romance Guru knew it. πŸ˜€

      Correct, I am not using any other mods except MCCC at the moment. So, this is truly a game generated romance happening.

  • I really like these two together.

    For a hot minute, I thought Reese was going to select “potato” instead of rose. Not even sure why “potato” is an option in the “gift” menu. πŸ˜†

    Ekram Elderberry stealing a cup of water is actually pretty funny. I had a Sim once walk out with the microwave (I think they had the klepto trait). In my LASL backup save, most of the decor in the triplets bedroom disappeared once too while the kiddos were at school and Joseph and Liz were at work. 😬

    Be still my soul! β€œEveryday we share together, we’re creating our own fairytale. I look forward to our happily ever after.” Such a swoonworthy line. I’m glad Elizabeth won the vote. πŸ’—

    Sims outfit choices are hysterical and head-scratching sometimes. Good to see Levi though. Bowling could’ve been better. Those two were not doing all that great, but I agree with you. Elizabeth is looking great in that outfit and bowling shoes!

    I thought I recognized the name for SoulGal’s lot! I’ve used it myself! Nice to see it featured. I really like how you include other Simmers lots and Sims in your games. πŸ™‚

    • OMG…. I would have laughed if I accidently bought a potato as a gift. Knowing my sense of humor, I would have kept it in and watched to see how the gameplay played out.

      Yeah, I was relieved that Ekram only went after a glass of water. I don’t know is traits. But I was laughing hard watching him go into the apartment and head to the bathroom. I thought to myself, he couldn’t hold his bladder any longer, so he found the first apartment he could get into. But nope, he was thirsty. He immediately left right after.

      If you go back and look at the image with Reese and Elizabeth at the bar, you’ll see Brent Hecking entering with the same outfit as Levi was displayed just images after. Maybe the game made that a work outfit for the Painting Career?!

        • On second thought… Googled it because that’s how my brain works. TNow I wish I didn’t. 😬 There are serious NSFW and kinda gross pickup lines out there for potatoes… but I think my favorite groan-inducing, eye-rolling SFW line is “I hear you’re a SPUD. Must be why I find you so attractive.” πŸ˜† Not sure how Elizabeth Landers would take that.

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