1.15: Tone Deaf

The next day after his evening out at the Romance Festival, I had Reese take a stroll to the Waterside Warble. No work today either, so I figured he could work on his singing. As he arrived, a bunch of Sims were here. Then I noticed there were a couple celebrities out and all these Sims wanted to see them.

Reese bumped into someone he met awhile back as the Mixologist, Jane Plainsfield. She was watching the celebrities that were there. I have Reese go up to her to chat and Get to Know. It seems she lost her job as a Mixologist. Game glitch? Oh, well. It’s good to see her again.

Reese has learned the following traits about Jane:

  • Art Lover

As I normally do, I let the autonomy take over and Reese chats with Jane for about an hour and soon they become Friends.

Everyone outside had moved inside the bar by now. Jane decided she wanted to go in as well and left Reese out on the street. So I had Reese go inside as well, but to one of the empty rooms for some karaoke practice.

The yellow room was the only available one vacant, so Reese uses that room.

Partial way into the song, another Sim enters with a thought bubble that looks like she wants Reese to stop singing. *laughing* Is he really that bad? He did get a score of 5/100 in the contest. Maybe Reese isn’t meant to be a singer. Perhaps he’s deaf tone and thinks he sings great but he really isn’t.

Reese doesn’t care. He continues to sing and even gets into it more. Another Sim enters with the same thought bubble. Reese must really be horrible. Realistically, I bet he’d get thrown out if he’s that bad of a singer and making others annoyed. But I am certainly amused at this.

Finally, Jane comes in. She wants this torture to end as well. I think I’ll have Reese stop. As much as I am laughing hard right now at all this, I don’t want more Sims coming in with that thought bubble. “Don’t quit your day job, Reese!” *laughing*

I decided to send Reese home. He was still in a Happy mood, but Jane left after explaining how bad of a singer he was. He had won a microphone during the Humor and Hijinks Festival, so Reese decided he can practice in the shower and with an actual microphone. He’ll go back and show them he can sing one day, and even win the karaoke contest. But for now, he needs to practice.



Charisma (4/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (6/10)
Fitness (2/10)
Gourmet Cooking (1/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Singing (3/10)
Writing (3/10)

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4 thoughts on “1.15: Tone Deaf”

  • Nice that he meets Jane again. The whole karaoke practice was hilarious with sims coming and having thoughts bubbles of “don’t sing”. Oh gee! Three sims in total. Or maybe they wanted to sing and there was no microphone available. That must be it….oh yeah…no microphone. Reese couldn’t be that bad…could he? lol Yes, practice and home and then come back and show what a crooner you are.

    • I was happy myself to see Jane show up. What was more funny, was she was the third one to arrive in the room to suggest Reese stop singing. I have sounds off, but I wonder if his singing sounds like cats screaming or something. 😀

  • Yay! Nice to see Jane. Poor Reese. He must have been really bad if 3 Sims had that thought bubble. I’m glad he was so confident though. Go big or go home!

    • Right! The first Sim came in with that thought bubble and his posture changed showing he didn’t care and went even louder. I laughed. I laughed even more when the second Sim came in after he did that. And soon Jane came in. Since a Friend requested he not sing anymore, I had to honor that wish. 😀

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