1.63: The Lottery

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A couple days later from the last chapter, it’s Lottery day. The Hayward household didn’t have any luck each time they tried. As long as the Lottery is offered, the household is going to try and win big. I have Levi and Spica buy a ticket. Teenagers cannot buy a lotto ticket, unfortunately. Maybe Levi or Spica will hit the jackpot before moving onto Generation 2.

The game’s camera always moves to the city spot where someone is dying. The funniest thing about my gameplay is that Vlad keeps meeting his death by sunlight, yet he continues to live on in my game. It makes no sense but amuses me nonetheless.

What I am laughing at right now is the sim who is also here. It’s peeping Tina. Is she still mad at Vlad when he took a bite from Levi’s neck at the beginning of the Generation? Maybe getting her revenge and constantly taking Vlad outside so he burns to death and then comes back to do it all over again? Is peeping Tina a witch?

Since it was a workday for Levi, he needs to paint something. I have him work on a medium Classic canvas painting before heading out on the job. He hasn’t painted a Classic in awhile. I am curious to see what he comes up with.

I’m wondering if it’s a rendition of Whopper running around the apartment causing mischief. Whopper does like to run around a lot when not being pampered.

Speaking of Whopper, I wanted to check in on him after the painting Levi did and exiting off to work. It’s only Spica and Whopper at the apartment now. I found him in front of the elevator standing and waiting. This turned into an ‘aww’ moment. He misses his family. The twins won’t be home from school for another 3.5 hours. Poor Whopper. “I’m sure Spica will play with you, little buddy!”

Behind the scenes, the twin boys have been moving along with making a romantic relationship with others. Unfortunately, Summer has not. Not yet. Love Day is coming up, so we’ll have to work on that soon. Perhaps even next chapter.

Jaxon invited his high school sweetheart, Lauryn, over. As you can see from the image, there’s quite a bit to show in the romance bar. Lots of pink. They did that on their own. I wanted to have them do a romantic embrace screenshot, but I noticed these 2 haven’t even had their First Kiss yet. I guess that can’t be done autonomously? I think by his facial expression, he wants that first kiss to happen.

Who am I to not let Jaxon let Lauryn know how he really feels. “Give her that first kiss, Jaxon!” I think these 2 are going to make a cute couple if Jaxon is selected as Generation 2 heir. In a sense, Jaxon won his own lottery today in-game.

And then we have Summer who notices their first kiss. Joke Star aspiration in the works already using her comedy skills with the paper bag over the head thought bubble. That’s Summer for you.

The next day arrives and the results for the Lottery have not come out yet. Levi has to go to work soon, so he works on a Confidence painting.

While Levi does his painting, Spica gets a call from the school. Jason, who’s Aspiration is Computer Whiz, got caught hacking the school computers. I can’t believe geeky Jason would do such a thing. Jason definitely needs to be punished for these actions.

Levi revisits one of the old canvases he did and repaints it. Readers might remember this one. I like the contrast of the red bow with the black and white scenery.

Not exactly sure why Levi is happy, but the results came in for the Lottery and it wasn’t Levi or Spica. Maybe he’s just happy for the winner.

The results are in and the lucky lotto winner is …

Christie Sigworth!


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