1.62: New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s now been a full in-game year when I started Levi on his adventure. I added more holidays to the 2nd year. This is adds some variety when we move to Generation 2 and onward. As I did in the 1st year, each holiday will be its own chapter for you to enjoy and read.

It’s Sunday and the 1st day of Spring in-game. It’s a day for the family to work on their New Year’s resolutions. The kids don’t have school on the weekends, but Levi does have to work. So before he can work on his Resolution, he needs to go in for a day of working.

Before he does that, it’s time for another painting. I decide to have Levi paint a large Pop Art canvas. He hasn’t done one of these in a while. When he finished it, I was very impressed. I think this is one of my favorite Pop Arts of his. It really fits the theme.

Jason autonomously decided to try his hand at painting when I had Levi put his latest in his inventory. Jason didn’t do a bad job for a beginner. I think this is suppose to be his twin brother. *laughing*

While Levi was at work, it was time to work on these resolutions for the other 3. The apartment was collecting a lot of dirt and dust bunnies, so I figured I’d work on Jaxon. Looking at his 1st Milestone, he might be the easiest to complete. All he had left was to vacuum for 3 hours. Doing this completed his 1st Milestone as well as his New Year’s Resolution.

If Jaxon is chosen as the next heir, I believe achieving his Aspiration will be done even before he becomes an adult. I don’t want to choose a 2nd Aspiration, so I guess I’d just mainly have fun with him and his career. But first he needs to be chosen as heir if readers want me to focus on Jaxon.

During the evening after dinner, it was Jason’s turn to complete his New Year’s Resolution and his 1st Milestone. He just needs to do a few more hours on the computer practicing programming. Doing so allowed him to complete his Resolution and gain a Milestone on his Aspiration.

If chosen as heir, Jason will continue his Aspiration at the University. I believe he needs to be in a specific career as well which he would end up in after college.

The next day before his working shift, it is time for Levi to do another painting. He had started a painting earlier the previous day on his own but never finished it. He is painting a large impressionism canvas.

It turns out to be an outdoors scenery. I like the fall colors. I cannot wait to play the next Generation is an actual house where they can enjoy the outdoors more than they have in Generation 1.

Spica received a phone call from the school while Levi had finished his painting and I had him put it in his inventory. It seems Jason was going to skip class to help a friend who was crying for some reason. It is comforting knowing that Jason is looking out for his friends, but he should let a teacher know first. Maybe the school can help.

As the kids are at school and Levi is at work, Spica was home alone to work on her New Year’s Resolution, which was to gain a skill level. I decided to get her out of the apartment and go jogging. This will get her Fitness skill up to level 4 and complete her Resolution.

When the kids got home from school, it was time to work on Summer’s New Year’s Resolution. One the kids’ friends came over after school, Margarita Behr. This was perfect because Summer needs to be funny to 1 more sim. This also helped with her getting her Comedy skill up to level 3 as needed and achieving the Resolution goal of increasing an Aspiration Milestone.

Last, but not least, it was Levi’s turn to fulfill his New Year’s Resolution and gain a skill level. I sat him down to practice his Writing skills to get it to level 2.

I am proud to say that all household members of the Hayward family have reached their New Year’s Resolution goals for this in-game year. This makes the Hayward children well on their way to completing their lifelong Aspirations.


Levi’s Current Skills

Bowling – 1
Charisma – 6
Comedy – 3

Cooking – 10
Dancing – 2
Fitness – 5
Gardening – 1
Gourmet Cooking – 3
Handiness – 3
Logic – 3
Mischief – 6
Naturism – 2
Painting – 10
Parenting – 9

Persuasion – 1
Singing – 1
Vampire Lore – 2
Video Gaming – 4
Wellness – 1
Writing – 2

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