1.60: Bust The Dust

After the twins aged up to teenagers, I saved the game and closed it. Whopper had still been gone from running away. When I reopened the game to play some more a day or so later, Whopper was in the apartment. I was definitely happy to see that. But there was no notification of Whopper returning home from running away. I’m guessing this was a small glitch in the game. A good glitch as now everyone in the household doesn’t have a sad moodlet anymore.

As Jaxon finished his homework on the couch, I noticed something with a twinkle. I had to check it out. It seems there’s magic going on. There’s a floating mug in front of the television. *laughing* No idea how long that’s been there.

Jason joins his brother on the couch and then autonomously starts to do extra credit. Such a good geek going that extra mile for school. He’ll achieve that A grade in no time if this is how he’s going to start his high school days. Summer reached the A grade in about 4 in-game school days. Jason should receive that A sooner if he does extra credit every day. But that’s up to him and the game.

Jaxon on the other hand autonomously pulls out his clay block he got from Father Winter this past in-game holiday and molds it to different shapes. This seems to have peaked Whopper’s interest.

Levi finished that surrealism painting he started the other day. He finally got around to finishing. I’m going to miss him painting when it comes time to move on to one of his children as heir(ess).

Now that Summer is at school and Levi is at work, it’s time to focus a little bit on Jaxon and Jason. I took time to focus on Summer with her erratic trait in a previous chapter.

Electronic Arts and Maxis came out with downloads that are called Kits. These are similar to packs but offer much less. One Kit is called Bust The Dust Kit.

Dust off the vacuum and tidy up!
Got dust? Yes, you do! Conquer chores with new buffs and rewards, vacuums to help fight the good fight, and aspirations related to cleanliness—or befriend your dust bunnies.

Jaxon (as well as his father, Levi) has the Neat trait. With this new Kit that came out, I decided to change up Jaxon’s Aspiration since he hasn’t even done anything to complete Milestone 1. The Kit came with a new Aspiration called Perfectly Pristine. This is Jaxon’s new Aspiration.

With this Kit, you can also turn on/off the dust collecting. One of my followers also bought this Kit and already started using it and had this to say:

Yeah, well, the Dust Buster kit has ruined the last three times I’ve tried to play. I am turning off the dust because if you let it get too dirty, it catches fire. And that wasn’t part of what I ever expected dust to do. C’mon, EA… just put vacuums in the game and don’t set our houses on fire with dust!

With this in mind, I’ll have the option turned on for the rest of Generation 1. If Jaxon is chosen for Generation 2, it will remain on. If he is not, I will turn it off as I don’t want the focus to be trying to keep their living space free from dust all the time.

Jaxon kept the Muser trait from the Creative Aspiration even tho he switched.

Immediately after switching Aspirations, Jaxon autonomously got to work on his new Aspiration.

Jason had already completed a portion of his Milestone 1 when he aged up to teenager. I guess it carried over from his childhood. I liked this. But now I have a feeling he is going to be hooked on video games. He needs to do some programming as well. But I won’t push that on him unless he’s chosen as heir. Otherwise, it’ll have to come naturally and autonomously.

Both Jaxon and Jason rolled the Cat Lover trait. In the child life stage, Jaxon made more use of this trait than Jason did. I was a little disappointed. I figured both would be into Whopper and giving him all the love and attention. It was mostly Jaxon of the 2.

But on their first day as teenagers, Jason autonomously was attracted to playing with Whopper and giving him the love. This is a good sign.

Jaxon encounters his first dust bunny as well. It looks a bit evil. I figured it would be something cute. As he doesn’t like these type of things, he’s going to take after his father treating the gnomes and Step On the poor dust bunny.

Arms out. Raise foot. Stomp dust bunny. Bunny disappears. I was waiting for something bad to happen, but luckily nothing did.

In fact, Jaxon was so proud that he autonomously took out his phone, flexed his muscle, and took a selfie. Such a strong man to step on large piece of dust. *laughing*


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4 thoughts on “1.60: Bust The Dust”

  • Teens and their selfies. Gotta love it.

    Been having issues with Bust the Dust, so I’m trying to work around it right now. I’m getting the mod that lets me disable packs for now.

    • I just find it funny that he has to pose like that for stepping on a large piece of dust. Now he thinks he’s a hero? 😀

      Hopefully I don’t run into issues with this Kit.

  • So funny, you got that kit! lol I have watched some Youtube videos on it, and it looks pretty cool. I am so glad that Whopper is back! That sad moodlet is so horrible as your sims just can’t do anything. I think Whopper was hiding in the dust piles! lol And Jason taking a selfie after he stomped on a dust bunny, so funny! Love the update and getting to know these two better. 🙂

  • I’ve heard a fix for bust the dust is already going to be coming out with the upcoming patch. So hopefully the dust levels don’t get to bad. I loled at the flex!

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