1.59: Jaxon And Jason Age Up

Today is the day twins Jaxon and Jason will join their big sister in the teenage times. But sadly, we start the chapter off with some bad news. Whopper ran away early in the morning. Everyone is in a sad mood. I can only hope he comes back today. I’ve read SimLit stories/blogs where the pet can be gone for days.

As today in-game is also a school day, I wanted to test something. You know, for science. Anyway, I was curious if you aged a child up to teenager before school starts if they will be immediately enrolled into high school or will they have the day off and wait for the following day.

Because of that, there wasn’t going to be a big aging up party. And now that Whopper ran away for some time period, a celebration isn’t appropriate as well. Levi had made another winter cake for the twins. Since Jaxon was born just minutes in-game time before Jason, he gets to age up first. The rest of the family is behind-the-scenes, but Jason made sure he was there next to his twin when he was blowing out his candles. It is also a very cold day too, so both are a little uncomfortable because of the weather. Next winter, whomever the heir(ess) is, will invest in a thermostat. *laughing*

Jaxon was a Charmer as a toddler. When he aged up to a child, he received the Social Butterfly Aspiration. With these in mind, I am choosing to move Jaxon into the Creative section just like Levi, but he has the Master Actor Aspiration. Yes, Jaxon wants to become an actor.

Jaxon’s 3 traits were chosen as a child, so there won’t be anymore for teenager or young adult. He does receive the Muser trait, just like his dad has, for his Aspiration.

Jaxon’s Social skill reached max of 10. There was another he maxed out as well, but forgot to record it. Related adult skills will be unlocked for him to get a head start or a special moodlet will be given.

Because I want Jaxon to be next to Jason for when he blows out his candles, I immediately go into CAS to change Jaxon’s Styled Looks as well as his hairstyle. I found some custom content hair I really wanted to use, so that is what you’ll see on both the twins. I’m also a fan of Luumia’s custom body hair, so I added that. I enjoy tattoos, so I am putting one on Jaxon, but will not on Jason. This will help to know who is who as well for readers. I found one of a cat. It’s purrfect for the Cat Lover trait.

It’s now Jason’s turn to blow out his aging up candles. Summer enters into the screen area. I love her expression as Jason is blowing his candles out. It’s like she’s getting her first look at her little brother, Jaxon, all grown up to teen just like she is.

As a toddler, Jason had the Inquisitive trait. When he moved to childhood, Jason received the Whiz Kid Aspiration. To continue down that road and since he does have the Geek trait, I am moving Jason into the Knowledge portion and having select the Computer Whiz Aspiration.

Just like his 2 other siblings, Jason’s main 3 traits were already assigned when he became a child. He also receives the Quick Learner trait.

Jason’s Mental skill reached max of 10. There was another he maxed out as well, but forgot to record it. Related adult skills will be unlocked for him to get a head start or a special moodlet will be given.

Again, I head into CAS for Jason. I am enjoying having the twins have the same hairstyle since they are identical twins. I want to continue having Jason wear glasses. He’s the nerdy one of the twins. A handsome young nerd albeit. Then I changed his Styled Looks.

The twins are best friends. They have been since toddler age, but made it official during the childhood stage when the option came up to Become Best Friends with each other.

Look at these 2 as teenagers. They could easily be mistaken for the other if Jaxon hides his tattoo and Jason doesn’t wear his glasses.

Earlier in the chapter, I was curious if the boys would go to high school the same day as they aged up if they aged up before classes started. The answer is no. They get the day off and will start high school tomorrow, in-game time. This gives them time to let out their emotions of Whopper running away, since these two are Cat Lover traited.


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